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Meboafo Foundation Fetes Over 1,500 People On Easter Sunday


Amidst the Easter festivities, the Me Boafo Foundation, led by CEO Dr. Emmanuel Obiri Addo, illuminated the streets of Asamankese with warmth and generosity, extending a helping hand to over 1,500 individuals facing various degrees of vulnerability. The occasion, aptly named “Me Boafo Easter Feast,” has become a cherished tradition, offering not only nourishment but also companionship and hope to those in need.

As the aroma of Banku, Rice, Indomie, Tuo Zaafi, Fufu, and other delectable dishes wafted through the air, attendees were treated to a feast for both the body and the soul. Beverage drinks from Cowbell and Balona added to the festivities, creating an atmosphere of joy and abundance.

Dr. Addo and his dedicated team seized the opportunity to engage with the beneficiaries, imparting valuable knowledge on simple hygienic measures and offering empowering words of encouragement. Beyond the act of dining together, the event fostered a sense of community and solidarity, reinforcing the foundation’s commitment to uplifting lives and spreading kindness.

This act of benevolence is not an isolated incident but rather a testament to Dr. Addo’s unwavering dedication to serving the marginalized communities of Asamankese and the lower West Akyem municipality. During festive occasions, such as Christmas and Easter, he consistently extends a helping hand, providing provisions to support those in need.

In a heartfelt interview with journalists, Dr. Addo attributed his philanthropic endeavors to divine inspiration, emphasizing the importance of extending compassion to the destitute, the blind, the elderly, and the physically challenged. He urged privileged members of the community to adopt a mindset of generosity and empathy, recognizing that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Beyond its charitable endeavors, the Me Boafo Foundation, a non-governmental organization rooted in Asamankese, Eastern Region, remains steadfast in its commitment to promoting quality education, ensuring good health and well-being, and striving for poverty eradication.

In addition to the Easter Feast, the foundation’s Easter activities included an invigorating health walk and comprehensive health screenings, underscoring its holistic approach to community development. The performance of DopeNation added an extra layer of excitement to the festivities, captivating attendees with their electrifying energy and talent.

As the echoes of laughter and gratitude reverberate through the streets of Asamankese, the Me Boafo Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and compassion, illuminating the path toward a brighter future for all.

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