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Media Safety Contracts Encouraged for 2024 Campaign Coverage

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As preparations for the 2024 general elections in Ghana gain momentum, media houses are being urged to prioritize the safety of their personnel by establishing safety contracts with political parties before covering campaign activities.

Simon Asore, the Executive Director of Citizens Watch Ghana, emphasized that this proactive measure would help ensure the protection of journalists and other media personnel during political events.

He pointed out that most of the hazards that journalists encounter during political activities arise from clashes with party supporters. The proposed safety contracts would address these concerns.

According to Simon Asore, these contracts should outline specific conditions, including provisions for health treatment, the replacement of damaged equipment belonging to journalists, compensation in case of injuries or damages, and even considerations for temporary media blackout periods if required for the party’s safety.

He stressed that just as employers are responsible for the safety of their employees during working hours, political parties should share this responsibility when requesting media coverage of their activities.

The Executive Director discussed these recommendations during an interview with Sunyani based Space FM, highlighting the recent attacks on media personnel by various political party supporters.

Simon Asore urged political parties to adopt safety measures to protect journalists covering their activities. He also called upon the Ghana Journalist Association to play a more active role in safeguarding its members, rather than merely condemning incidents after they occur.

This initiative aims to promote a safer and more secure environment for media professionals as they play a pivotal role in keeping the public informed during the upcoming political campaigns leading to the 2024 elections.

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