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Medical Experts Challenge Misconceptions About Kidney Disease

Medical Experts
Medical Experts

A Medical Officer of Rafchick Hospital, Dr. Afram Aikens, has emphatically stated that kidney disease is not a satanic disease, nor is it a result of spiritual influences, however, Kidney disease is a medical condition that impacts the kidneys’ ability to function effectively.

Speaking at the World Kidney Day Celebration organised by the management of the Renal Unit of Rafchick Hospital, Abesim near Sunyani said it is crucial to understand that such illness is not linked to supernatural forces or evil spirits.

World Kidney Day is observed on the second Thursday of March, every year.

This year’s fell on March 14. The theme for the 2024 campaign is ‘Kidney Health for All.

The theme focuses on the increasing burden of chronic kidney disease and achieving optimal kidney care to overcome the challenges at different levels.

The hospital utilized the day to organize complimentary screenings and renal services for the residents of Sunyani and Abesim.

World Kidney Day
World Kidney Day

Dr. Aikens highlighted the importance of prevention when it comes to kidney disease, by adopting a healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and regular exercise, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of developing kidney issues.

He said people who often eat at night hours, junk food with preservatives and taste, expose themselves to kidney problems.

In the event of a diagnosis, Dr. Aikens reassured patients that kidney disease can be effectively managed through various treatment options such as medication, dietary changes, and in severe cases, dialysis or kidney transplantation.

He said early detection and proper management play a key role in improving the quality of life for individuals living with kidney disease.

Dr. Maxwell Dally also at Rafchick Clinic emphasized the dangers of excessive consumption of hard drugs and alcohol on kidney function. He also raised concerns about the growing trend of consuming energy drinks with high caffeine levels, particularly among young individuals, warning that the repercussions would become evident as they age and could severely impact kidney health.

Dr. Dally stressed that anything exerting pressure on the kidneys can lead to their deterioration.

He advised individuals purchasing over-the-counter drugs to consult a medical professional before and cautioned against buying herbal medicines without medical guidance or prescription, as these substances can harm the kidneys in the long run.

Dr. Louis Anto, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rafchick Hospital, expressed his appreciation for the visionary founder of the hospital, the late Dr. Raphael Anto. He acknowledged Dr. Raphael Anto’s foresight in establishing the hospital’s renal unit, which stands as the sole facility of its kind in the entire Bono region.

Dr. Anto affirmed the hospital’s commitment to upholding the founder’s vision by enhancing and enlarging the unit to provide additional dialysis services, thereby catering to a greater number of patients requiring the unit’s assistance.

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