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Medikal’s former DJ urges him to calm, matured in these trying moments

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DJ Azonto, former official Disc Jockey for Ghanaian rapper Medikal, has urged him to calm down and not reveal certain things concerning his marriage to the general public.

Issues involving the marriage between Medikal and Fella Makafui have dominated social media trends with so many twists and turns concerning their ‘unsuccessful’ marriage.

In a viral video, Medikal made some wild allegations against his wife, Fella Makafui, concerning the amounts he gave for various business and trips outside the country.

DJ Azonto, who was once very close to the family, has added his voice to the discussion on social media, urging Medikal to be discreet on certain issues.

DJ Azonto, in a letter to Medikal titled “A Word to the Wise,” said,”I love and care deeply for you, which is why I’m offering this advice for free. If it’s God’s will, I’ll give you $1 million when His Excellency, the Vice President of Ghana, pays the $10 million compensation.

“Medikal, we’ve known each other for a long time, and you know how sensible I am despite what you see on social media and blogs.

“I want you to understand that it’s not wise to choose any movement over your family. Whatever is happening, I want to support you as my music godfather and Sowutuom brother from day one to be full of life again.

“My wife is a Northerner; you know her, and sometimes I have to beg her for a whole year just to calm things down at home. I just hope you can keep things more private because this is a family you have built, and as the head of this beautiful home, whatever happens, whether good or bad, you are fully responsible.

“Every married man, myself included, has been through this stage. As men, we shouldn’t say too much because history will always remind us of the ‘childish’ behaviour we’ve displayed in the past.

“I am not saying it’s bad to speak out; no talk, but as a man, there are so many limits to what we say about our baby mamas, most especially her plastic surgery, wee toffee, etc.

“Kindly cool, small bro. Despite all my social media buzz and craziness, I was dealing with my own family issues too, but do you know how hard and difficult it took me to amend things for her to come back again?

“Even as I’m writing this message to you, I am still begging. But who cares? They say real men face tough challenges. Don’t take it as a joke, and don’t try to stay with Wale because when people get close, they act worse, in most cases.

“Try to exercise patience in these times, regardless of how tempting it will be for you to open more keys, and try not to forget our movement anthem: Forget Everybody. Real men don’t say it all; they leave some for the future. Also, Give Me One More Hit I Beg.”

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