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“Like the way he grabs the mic…with lots of style, and powerful notes to strike…Ready to make all and sundry falls for it and like…so is his lifestyle…Intertwined with perseverance to reach for the best and humor to make you sigh…In simple words, he’s got a unique profile…one that Ghanamusic is yet to see.” 

At a very tender age Agyemang Kofi Offeh’s (known in show biz as NINO) love for music captured his heart and mind; he was so engrossed in it that even when playing football with friends, he will be singing alongside. His concentration was on the notes instead but not the ball. Music was and is still his cherished hobby and talent. Little did he know that his cherished hobby (music/singing) will one day become a sort after (sacred and scarce) ‘commodity’ of man? He grew up mastering his talent with less difficulty because music was like brushing the teeth.

Nino’s hobby and talent came to the limelight when he joined the Adventist Prep School choir; he was one of the best soloists to have appeared in that choir. Before leaving the school as a Junior High School graduate, he represented Kumasi in the year 2002-2003, and was adjudged the best singer at the national choral competition. Nino has since that time become very vital and a force to reckon with in every choir he joins.

nino ghanaNino continued his powerful renditions in his Secondary school days in Prempeh College. He was part of the famous trio on campus (Kunta.Tintin.Scobo…KTS). Nino is not only a musician; he has also graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration honors in banking and finance at Valley View University. It was at Valley View University that he realized it was time for him to tell and show the world what he’s got in him. His love for music pushed him to form an accapella singing group among his peers. He did not relent on his efforts, he continued by forming another strong and talented choir (the minstrel choir) with the children of the lecturers of the University. In fact, his name is still on the lips of those who saw him and have also seen him perform on various platforms-…”he’s got to perform on bigger stage like the Ghana music awards”…said a student at one the shows organize by NINO and his crew (vitae inc.).

All forms of music genres are at his fingertips, be it classical, soul, RnB, jazz, highlife, accapella or choral music. The most intriguing part is, whether in English, Twi or French language the output is always fantastic. He sang and continues to sing with passion and zeal. “Anytime he sang the whole campus was move”…another student reiterated. A lot of stars in the music industry has endorsed him; Morris De Voice, Jay Ghartey, Kunta kinte of Bradez fame knows him best, that is to mention but a few.

He also realized his leadership qualities and organizational abilities in the same environment. He was the organizing secretary for the Business Administration Students Association from 2010-2011 academic year. During his time as the organizer, the association saw massive improvements in its activities in terms of proper management and program organization. Presaö faz diamantse….pressure makes diamonds. Living a life on aesthetically good music, coupled with a powerful and unique voice indicates that, this guy has come to stay and he is bringing a transformation like never before.

Written by
Adjei Kwame, M.

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