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Meet Oladipo, Woman Who Cures Fibroid with Herbs

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The sight of a large brass pot with various herbs being boiled on fire by the roadside may not be uncommon on Lagos mainland, especially in Mushin, Yaba and other suburbs. But that of a teenager, who, in one breath, is busy stirring the contents of the pot, while, in another, scooping same with a cup into sachets and bottles and selling to people in front of the Oba Adams Complex, along Iju Road, Agege before the popular Pen-Cinema round about, attracted our correspondent. Upon inquiry about his job, the teenager pointed to the complex and said ?Go to Mama, she is in the office?. ?Mama? turned out to be Chief (Mrs.) Aworonke Oladepo, an alternative medicine dealer, who claims to cure fibroid without surgery. On getting to her office, which was filled with labelled bottles of dry herbs, roots, tree backs and stems and others of concoctions for different ailments, Oladepo, was busy with a client on the phone, while some female clients waited patiently to be attended to. Introducing her business to Daily Times, she said her mother taught her everything she knew while she developed on it.

?My family is well known in Agege and I am of the third generation in my mother?s lineage who is still in the business as Iya Al?agbo?. Taking the practice from just boiling roots and herbs for malaria and other minor ailments, Oladepo, without a formal education, had upgraded her practice to rendering full clinical services. The business is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Nawode Wonderful Herbal Healing Centre (CAC/2158921 NG/TM/2010/142) and Lagos State Government (with registration LSG.TMB RN:003166) besides other professional affiliations that testify to her competence. Her business also boasts of a website and an e-mail address, besides numerous phone lines. Apart from the Agege office, the healing centre also has a branch at Ojuelegba.

?I had my education in herbs and roots. As a young girl, I knew every leaf and back, root and fruit that corrects any ailment in the human system; my mother, who learnt from her mother, taught me everything I know today. My clients cut across race, religion and gender. I have customers coming in from other states and overseas?, she said with pride. Born Aderonke Oladepo, the word Awo (herbalist) came naturally from the family?s customers who called little Aderonke ?Kekere?Awo (little herbalist) as she sorted out herbs and roots for her mother while under tutelage; then following the death of her mother about a decade ago, Aderonke, on starting her business, became known as ?Aworonke?, a name she cherishes till date. ?Curing ailments with herbs is my life because I know the medicinal property in everything green, whether fruit, leaf or tree.

There is more healing power in natural plants and fruits than all English drugs put together, and I am not boasting; in all my years of experience in this business, many diseases that hospitals could not cure were referred to me, and they still do so.? According to her, she has a long list of ailments she can cure and this include fibroid without sur-gery; stroke; staphylococcus; tuberculosis; asthma; painful menstruation; gonorrhea; low sperm count; HIV/AIDS; diabetes; vaginal discharge; calculating pregnancy period; cancer of the bone and breast; weak erection; quick ejaculation etc. ?Over the years, I have perfected a well-researched herbal formula for the treatment of all sexually transmitted diseases and venereal diseases like E-coil, herpes virus, candidiasis, Bilharzia, skin rashes and itching. ?Also, I have a special one here?, she held up a labelled bottle, the liquid as black as the night; ?This is my herbal medicine for boosting sperm count, watery sperm and dead sperm.

It will increase sperm count from zero to 82 million; it also improves the spermatozoa greatly to 85 per cent, and quality and speed of the sperm will improve tremendously within one week of treatment.? Asked about her claim to cure fibroid without surgery, Aworonke lifted up a brew labelled FBP. ?This is my special herbal formulation for women with fibroid?, she said. ?It comes in different categories; some for infertility, internal heat, cleansing of the fallopian tube and removing blockage, irregular and dirty menstruation, and so on. ?But this FBP clears and stops any fibroid growth without surgery. You know that fibroid grows like grass, some are just like stubborn grass; using surgery is like a gardener cutting grass very low; after a short time the grass grows again.

But FBP will uproot the fibroid growth and recondition the womb bed and wall so that the fibroid won?t grow again.? Commenting on recurrent STDs that never seem to have permanent cure, Aworonke told Daily Times that it cannot happen with her treatment. ?Except it is a spiritual curse, there is no disease that has no natural medicine to control and eliminate it. It is like using the right tool for the right work and you get an excellent result. ?I don?t believe in drugs or treatment that you use for one or two days and there are no changes; come to my clinic and a trial will convince you. My advice to STD carriers is that if one partner is infected, whether fresh or old infection, the couple should be treated together and for the same length of time to avoid a reoccurrence.?

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