Meet Prince: the Prison Officer who Doubles as a Bodybuilder.


My love for body building and paying attention to my body was taken to another level after I met Prince Adalevo, a body builder, healthy life coach and a gym instructor. Prince also doubles as a Lance Corporal with the Bawku Local Prison; a city where few people would love to work. From his Facebook handle, Still Kobby Arms, one could see how he encourages his followers to work out not just for the muscles but also for a strong physique.

Prince says he personally decided to do something about how he looked years back even before he got enlisted into the Ghana Prisons Service because looking in the mirror, all he could see was a slim and lanky young man but he was not impressed so had to do something drastic. With discipline and a determined spirit, he has now become the dream he always saw himself in and also become a role model.

There might be several factors that hinder people from working out briskly to get the desired physique the dream of but we still have to do things in our own small to keep us away from the hospital. Prince has a ritual where he works out 5-6 days in a week and checking his diet.

The Prison Officer cum body builder delights in the fact that he gets compliments like “oh you look so strong”, “You seem healthy”, “You’re buff” and again how he is able to step out in different outfits like his service uniform, a Suit, Kaftan or a 3piece, among others.

He also dreams of a future gig as a muscular model. “I take pride in my appearance hence it always make me smile knowing someone out there sees me and the change I decided to get for myself”. If you’re not happy with your physique, work on it, stop procrastinating and with discipline, you will come to love the new physical you and to the admiration of others.

By Emmanuel Boateng Agyemfra

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