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I perfectly knew what my answers will be but I wanted to also experience them myself not just imagine them and also for my readers to read what other people say about my topic.

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I was just wondering why it was okay for women to put on trousers or any other attire meant for a man but a man dares not try putting on a woman’s cloths.

So, I pick the skirt, put it on, came out and asked, “How do I look?”

The first expression was “surprise” written in the faces of all who were around, then followed with pity before they all burst out with laughter. That afternoon, I had my share of whatever version of jovial insults rained on me which I consumed in good faith. Their attitude catapulted my interest in this particular topic and I went looking for more answers or perhaps insults to my new found fashion or madess.

It was then that I decided to interview the very ones the skirt was made for, “Ladies”, and with lots of seriousness this time I asked, “What would say or think of me when one day you woke up and saw me in skirts?”

First interviewee; Mrs. Nwannen : Please, your question, is it a skirt or any different thing?
I thought to myself weather there is any other skirt apart from the one women in general puts on.

Interviewer: Yeah, skirt, anything skirt.

I knew my question was a heavy for her since she may not want to say anything to hurt me, and she proved I was right in her answers.

Mrs. Nnwannen: hmmm, will be surprise because it’s not meant for men and not to be worn by them.

Interviewer: Alright, thank you for your answer.

Mrs. Nnwannen: You are welcome dear.

Interviewer: That will be my question for the day.

Mrs. Nnwannen: Okay, Please, why that question, any intension for asking that?

Interviewer: just want to know how you may think of me if you found me wearing skirts.

Mrs. Nnwannen: Okay!

Interviewer: And are you sure that’s your answer?
Mrs. Nnwannen: Yes.

Interviewer: Tell me what you will really think or say ooo. I will accept it in good faith, remember this is just a fictitious situation.

Mrs. Nnwannen: 😀 😀 😀 Hmm, that will be strange to me because I am not expecting you to dress that way.

Interviewer: Yes, any other thing? Your sincere answer will help me.

Mrs. Nnwannen: And normally, when a man dress like that, the only we say is, the person is having a psychological problem or insane.

Interviewer: 😀 😀 😀 Wonderful. Thank you soo much dear.

Mrs. Nnwannen: 😀 😀 😀 But not you oo, it can’t be you.

Interviewer: 😀 😀 😀 Yes sure, not me.

How was my first interview?
Second interviewee; Sis. Beauty: In Skirts? How?

I believe they knew what I meant but could not just believe a man is asking about putting on skirts.

Interviewer: Me wearing skirts.

Sis. Beauty: You putting on skirts?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Sis. Beauty: And why would you do that? Why must you do that?

Interviewer: What would you say or think? Just answer me please.

Sis. Beauty: Do you really want to know my opinion?

Interviewer: Yes dear, your sincere opinion.

Sis. Beauty: I will think you are at those centuries where even men wear skirts. That will be my first opinion.

That was her answer, but even when we are at those centuries where men put on skirt in the name of fashion, or Scotland has made it official that men could wear skirts so here in Africa we should also follow? Let’s hear your second opinion, “Sis. Beauty”.

Interviewer: Your second thought please. Anything is allowed.

Sis. Beauty: My next opinion will be… Hmmm Sorry to say this… You might be going crazy.

Interviewer: J

Sis. Beauty: Sorry if I have disappointed you.

Interviewer: Noo you have not, I rather like your sincere answer. And if there is more, you can add it.

Sis. Beauty: Oh! That is all I have got to say.
I thanked her very and assured her very soon she will come to bare with the reasons why I ask the questions I asked. And then I moved on looking for my next interviewee.
Third Interviewee; Mad. Frema: Why are you asking?

It seems like all my interviewee’s so far are replying to my question with an answer instead of giving me the answer. Well, it is a norm accepted in Ghana and I guess I needed to play along.
Interviewer: Just needed your answer for something.

Mad. Frema: And why would you do that?
“Are you thinking what I am thinking?”
Interviewer: Just answer me, please.

Mad. Frema: No, you can’t so that.

With Mad. Frema, I tried all I could to get an answer from her but all my efforts bear none. She just kept saying I couldn’t do that till I gave up. So, I then decided moving on will do myself some good. But this time, from the women and turn on to the men.

Uncle K. was the first guy I asked and he was straight forward with his answer, unlike the Ladies, he didn’t answered my question with a question but an answer. He told me point blankly that he would think I am mad then later he asked me why I asked. If all my interviewee’s answered all my questions as Uncle K. did, it would have saved you and I a lot of trouble, my article will be few and you would have probably spend just few minutes reading. Or you don’t think so?

I moved on to the second guy, Cyrax, and again the answer was an answer but not a question. He simply told me he will feel very bad, weather for me wearing it or for himself seeing me wearing it. He added “And begin to wonder what has come over me”. That was it, short.
Third guy Interviewee; FYO: I don’t understand the meaning of skirts.
Interviewer: Ladies skirt.

FYO: Ii will shout on you as a mad person.

Interviewer: Okay, thank you very much.

Since I thought I have gotten most of the answers I needed for this article, I decided to ask one last person and then move my question to a social media, Facebook, yes, because it’s the most popular and most populated of all the social media’s with different caliber of individuals.
Baba Christian was my last interviewee; Baba Christian: Skirts? (He laughed very hard and I became afraid he will hurt himself for laughing that hard) then he added, “ I will ask you whether all is well with you”

Interviewer: Smiling, I asked, then what?

Baba Christian: a normal guy won’t wear skirt, in Scotland, guys wear skirts…, it’s an official dressing…, even to offices. But as for them, it is part of their culture like how we wear kente or batakari to offices. But frankly spseaking, skirts for guys? Come on….it’s not normal.

Interviewer: Serious?

Baba Christian: Ooh! Very serious.

To be inserted: I hate to see women in trousers…but normality has prevailed on modesty in the current system of the world…so generally I believe it takes personal conviction to change that about a lady. Aziz..

As I said with facebook, I logged on to check the results for my question, but my expectations were too much. The answers or the response I got was not enough. The few answers that come by were with shock and disbelieve. Most just like the question and provided no answers.
From facebook, i decided to make my question a bit acceptable, so to my question, I added, “If men fashion has got to the stage that men are allowed to put on skirts and for that I decided to start putting skirts on what would they say”

By raising my question to a modern line, I thought I will be gone easy on, but the answers got more horrible to me more than the first question I asked.

Interviewer: If men fashion has got to the stage that man are allowed to put on skirts and for that I decided to start putting skirts on, would you also put on skirt for the sake of fashion?

Ike: No

Interviewer: Why?

Ike: Because it is not part of our culture, weather fashion accepts it or not, it just not part of us.
Interviewer: So what if I put them on, I decided to join fashion, what would you say?

Ike: (He smiled) I will say you are mad or a gay, then I will beat you up personally.
Is like Ike wants to take matters up the not legal way, and I had to sum up my questions and move on.

The next interviewee; Sir Siaw: No I wouldn’t wear it.
Interviewer: Why?

Sir Siaw: Because I am not a woman.

Interviewer: Okay, what if you see it on me because fashion has approved it for men, what would you say?

Sir Siaw: I wouldn’t say anything but would think something is wrong with you.
They still wouldn’t allow me wear skirts even if fashion accepts it, that’s the guys talking and I was not going to skip what the ladies have to say.

Interviewer: If let say fashion has agreed for men to wear skirts, what would you think or say if you see a guy in skirts?

Ama: My impression him….hmm! Will be that he is out of his senses….but you know, I will understand if I know the new fashion trend for guys.

Ama will understand if that’s the new fashion trend for guys, what has happened to the Words in the Bible? God’s own view may not matter to some if fashion gives the go ahead.
Interviewee; Fati: (With surprise) Oh My God!
No, let just leave God out of this for now.

Interviewer: What would you say, “Fati”

Fati: Oh My God, that’s what I would say!

Interviewee; Felicia: Oh Okay, I will advise him to stop.

Interviewer: And why would you advise him to stop.

Felicia: Because it is against God’s Law.

Interviewer: And what makes it against God’s Law?


Interviewer: And how do you view such fashion?


I wonder if Felicia puts on trousers, if she does, then she needs to start that advise she was going to give, first to herself.

The ladies also managed giving us some simple answers, which I like very much, the simply ones.
Rose killed it simply by saying; a man in skirts is insane and rhetorical (thus being extravagant or absurd).

Mabel also with; Hahahaa! Well maybe he is mad.
Zakia; I would say nothing, that’s his taste.

As we have all read from the conversations above, men should not wear skirts because skirts is for women. Even if fashion sees reason with it, they are simply telling us not to wear it, it just does not make sense. Some say a man in skirts is mad/insane/psychological problem, against the Word of God among other hard comments. The only problem or question I have is, if it is not good for men to wear skirts because it is not meant for men, then why should ladies take sides with fashion against the Word of God and be wearing trousers?

I had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Rabi E., a matured woman in Christ and in Life issues, also a writer. And she gave me the opportunity to refer or take some notes from her article “WHY


She stated at the beginning of her article that, if you are a Christian and you have singled out certain bible verses and ignoring the rest, then you need to reevaluate your consecration in your Christian journey.

Of course, we can’t live as Christians by trying to obey certain commandments that we perceive to brings us some sort of comforts and ignore the rest that seems not to favor us.
She gave me a bit of history about trousers and why women decided to overlook the Creator’s

However, in the 1880’s women’s trousers began when women like Amelia Bloomer fought for “right to trousers” due to the so-called emancipation of women right. Then women like Mary Walker became the first lady to wear it publicly. History recorded that she even established a women’s colony called “Adamless Eve” in 1897 when she said Adam and Eve dressed the same and there was no difference between them…

Then later there was a lady named Rosie Rivett who was the front woman for the sudden change in women wearing them along supporting fashion companies to make them available for women. Then the Hollywood women started promoting and wearing trousers. All the women wanted to be like them.

All these were in the attempt to go against Apostle Paul’s teaching in I Cor. 22:3 “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ: and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” Here Paul wrote under heavy inspiration the divine order of authority. The Supreme Being of the universe is “Jehovah” or God the Father. Next, Christ because of His role as our mediator becomes the head of the man.

Finally, the man is placed as the head of the woman. Women of this 21st century do not want this divine order hence they are fighting and twisting the scriptures to ensure they are greater or equal with the men. Because whatever is introduced in the west must go abroad with movies, and internet, everything they do in Hollywood started spreading to the rest of the world. Can you see how Satan wants Gods’ creation under his control?

She made it clear in her article that, a woman may not be convinced by any preacher whatsoever on not wearing trousers until the Spirit of God comes upon them and leads them into all truth.

Women all around the world never puts on trousers until the 20th century. Only men were seen wearing trousers, until world war II, were women wear their husbands trousers to take on responsibilities which were previously assigned to men. And from there, trousers become fashionable for women, note here that, women were not wearing trousers at the time of Adam, to Abraham, To Moses and at the time of Jesus, so why the change and why were the women not wearing trousers at those times.

When I came to Christ from Islamic religion I had my trousers I worn under my dresses (that’s how we wear them in Northern Nigeria).. I didn’t feel condemned about it even though some sisters pointed it out to me. My heart was tough against congregational principles; I needed to have my personal convictions about it. Yes, I had my salvation experience, but there was a need for me to grow in my daily walk with God. Because of my desire to grow in Christ, one day I had a personal experience about wearing trousers.

The strong impression I had was that I am not covered up by my trouser-it exposes my body. Still I was hesitant, asking God “how?”. Sometimes I would hide it but put it on when I go out of the Church building. One day an NYSC sister said something to me during an unrelated conversation that brought the above similar conviction to me: “if Jesus comes today with your current condition, you will not make heaven.” This was the first time someone like sister Ngozi will talk to me so convincingly that I could not argue with. I believe she was filled with the power of God to get her words to penetrate me to that extent.

As bold as I was I became very sober with a complete desire to let go of the trousers I had. My inner eyes were opened to see that when I dress up in a dress, first thing people see is my face and upper body. But when I dress in trouser like ladies wear them today, people are instantly drawn to my crotch area. Men get drawn to my sensitive areas when I wear that pant, rather than the beauty of how God created me as a woman. Then I traveled to the mid-western US where it gets extremely cold during winter time.

I went to buy over-sized jean trouser to wear. I brought it to my campus room and wore it. Immediately I felt a virtue taken out of me until I removed it. I also remembered the words sister Ngozi told me then, and the details of the conviction I had about it. This is the same conviction I’m holding unto until today, not because I’m following the principles of any church.

When I was in college we didn’t have the church I am affiliated with at the beginning; I was fellowshipping with a white non- denominational church until I helped to start our small church then (by the grace of God). So, I have always worn my dresses and skirts even when no members of my church were present because of the conviction I had about it.


Spiritually, women attract spirits that marries them spiritually when they are in those provoking trousers which entices most men. So when they got married, they start having a lot of problems in their marriages. They may blame it on a whole lots of issues, but at this era, putting on provoking trousers is the lead.

Spiritually also, what is the difference between a Christian woman in trouser and a worldly woman in trouser? Where does the Christian woman stands and where does the worldly woman stands in the sight of God? Which of them belongs to Christ and which of them does not?

Many are saying the name “trouser” did not specifically appeared in the bible, meaning, when God gave the word that women shouldn’t put on men clothing, He didn’t specifically say trousers. Well, let just say God was not talking of trousers, but can anyone tell me the kind of clothing made for men that women shouldn’t put on? Anyone? I guess it is only the Heavens that have the answer.

The fashion of the world is for women to wear pants which were originally men’s clothing. Yes, I understand the fashion industries claim to now have pants made exclusively for women, but the whole idea behind it is to lure men to lust because they were not design for ladies to wear.

Before the invention of trousers women almost universally wore dresses. So the fashion of the world became women wearing pants. I can tell you this now, that you are NOT distinctively female when you wear trousers with the ideas that those who introduced them. Don’t forget the intentions of the fashion industry, to make money and to promote a world where women are “equal to men” (movement of emancipation of women rights, feminism, and women liberation)! The main issue with women wearing trousers lies in its representation on the woman.

Pants on the woman have become the symbol for the feminist movement. This representation is a symbol that represents a complete rebellion against bible principles revealed in I Corinthians 11:3. Will you “abstain from all appearance of evil” (1 Thess. 5:22) today? As you know men are sexually aroused by SIGHT. This is hidden inspiration of women wearing pants whether they know it or not.

Jesus condemned the outcome in Matthew 5:28, “But I say unto you, that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Immodestly dressed women cause men to lust. Why do you want to be the one to create the unsafe zone for men to lust? Proverb 7:10… “And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.” Any type of clothing that exposes a woman’s thighs is sinful. When a woman wears pants she reveals her curves and thighs and men easily put their heart there which does not glorify God.

Of course I am not a health worker, so I needed a health expect to help us out on whether there are health issues in trouser wearing.

I met Aunty Aba and she gladly accepted to help out with a good course.
After I ask my question on if there are health implications on women wearing trousers, she frankly answered with “YES”.

Just to let you know that as at the time I was with aunty Aba, she was wearing a very tight trouser yet she did not hide anything from me. She spoke with great honesty about the health implications concerning women wearing trousers.

Candidacies (white) in women is mostly caused by the trouser they wear, especially the tight ones. She added that there is this bad smell that comes from the vagina of women who wear trousers regularly. Remember Aunty Aba is a health worker, she narrated this true experience about her own friend who had problems with her private part (Pains and bad smells) because of the trouser she wears regularly. And the Doctor, not a Pastor, had to advice her to stop wearing the trouser if she wants to have her life back because as at then she was not having a life at all.

The main idea of this article is not to push anyone into a tight space, especially our ladies, but to tell you the actual truth on what is really happening. You may ignore the warning on trousers for women because fashion agrees or perhaps the church you fellowship allows it. But when you are actually a Christian with Spiritual eyes for the truth and when you allow the Spirit of God into your life, He will lead you into all truth that leads to Salvation but not comfort.

Joseph Yaw Mawunyo

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