MEND Reacts To Okah?s Conviction In South Africa, Threatens To Disintegrate Nigeria Soon


Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, the umbrella body for all militant groups in Nigeria?s Niger Delta on Saturday broke its more than a year-long silence with a stern warning to the government in South Africa to stop meddling in Nigeria?s internal politics or risk dire consequences.

The group also threatened to attack Nigeria like never before, in a manner that might lead to the disintegration of the country.

In a strong worded statement dated January 23, 2013 and signed by one Comrade Azizi, MEND said last week?s conviction of its leader and founder, Henry Okah by the South African Supreme Court on all 13 counts charge of complicity in the 2010 Independence Day bombing in Abuja amounted to a betrayal.

Describing the conviction as part of ?Aso Rock politics on a man simply because he refused to be bought over?, the militant group said its High Command is compelled to advise South Africans to tell their government to stay away from Nigeria.

The statement was emailed to us and PREMIUM TIMES is unable to determine its authenticity and that of the Comrade Azizi who signed it. No contact address or telephone number was provided.

This newspaper is publishing the threat because the group had operated in similar fashion in the past, issuing threats by email and then carrying them out as threatened.

Read the full statement:


23rd JANUARY 2013


We witnessed ourselves firsthand the conviction of our dear leader yesterday the 21st of January 2013 by the South African Supreme Courtonall the 13thcount charges which as we all know has to do with ASO ROCK politics on a man simply because he refused to be bought over.

Before yesterday?s ruling, we had high regards for the South African judiciary but not now as we were wrong on our previous assessment nevertheless, people pays for mistakes committed by others so we the High Command of MEND have an advice for the South African people, which is TELL YOUR GOVERNMENT through your judiciary stay away with events that happened in Nigeria or else some South Africans will pay dearly for it.

To the Nigerian military (The Joint Task Force (JTF) in the Niger Delta) don?t bother for now placing officers on alert, we will notbomb norkill anybodyfor the time being, as we had communicated months back, we no long require IED or car bombs as we?ve gone pass that stage. Nigerians as a whole will feel our presence when we finally decide to carry out our targets which will not be restricted to the Niger Delta Region alone.

We so much understand the job load of an image maker but I most point our here clearly that the JTF?s spokesman, Lt.-Col. Onyeama Nwachukwu will have much jobs to do in the region anytime soon for thinking we rely on the OLD COMMANDERS that sold out to take up arms on behalf of our leader, just don?t underrate our capabilities which will take the Nigerian Military another 10 years to catch.

We are not on the same program with regional agitators in the north or elsewhere, we will not hide our faces, soon andverysoon,Nigerianswill getto see the structures (Diaspora and Home) as well as our new states, regional commanders and new National Leader, arresting and killing Henry Okah will change nothing.

To the Nigerian Government, you have seen NOTHING, the disintegration of Nigeria will start through us and by us, we are well equipped for this task. We have details of all the family members of the Government (1999-2013) and our Diaspora Command will take care of that aspect, we will get to them, we will skin them and post their remains to your door steps as compensation to the Ode people, except our resources are handed over to us without conditions.

All Federal, States and Local Governmentofficials underthe payrollofthe Government ( ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Director Generals, Directors etc ) should stay away from the Niger Delta, if found anywhere inthe SouthSouth region, they will have themselves to blame andthat is if they live to tell the tales.

The Minister of the Niger Delta Ministry Mr. Orubebe Peter Godsday is hereby banished from Delta State and the region at large pending when he returns the money he stole which was meant for the Niger Delta Development Councils and also while with:

(a) Burutu Local Government Council, Delta State (1991-1993),

(b) As second Member: Primary Education Board,Asaba,Delta State 2000-2003.

(c) As the Special Adviser to James Ibori former Delta State Governor on Urban/Regional Planning between January 2004 and November 2005.

This whole money belongs to the Niger Delta people and most be return or he should be ready to face the consequences along with your nuclear and immediate family members.

To our Natural Resources, there will soon be a massive earthquake that will be trigged by our nuclear war head, this earthquake will destroy the entire oil wells, oil pipelines especially to Kaduna refinery, oil installations, oil rigs and what have you, when it happens, which we know will be very soon, the Government and those owners of these oil wells and installation will know it?s a different ball game.

All oil companies, (foreign or local) should start parking up from the region as this might be the last warning, we really will not want civilians to be caught in between so please take this warning seriously.

To our old breed Commanders, you can talk as much as you want just because you were bought over for a token but we wonder why the fight against your masters, the hurricane is almost there and it will sweep everything left.

And finally to the South Africa Companies: we made some promises before and now we are repeating same, LEAVE NIGERIA totally, there will be massive and aggressive campaign on all companies owned, operatedand affiliated to the South African Citizens or their Government both in Nigeria, Western and Southern Africa respectively.





23rd January 2013

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