The Ghana Meteorological Agency is predicting more rains in the coming days.

The agency says the pattern is going to be constant as the country is currently at the peak of the rainy season.

Speaking to Citi News, the head of the forecast unit at the meteorological agency, Joe Tetteh Portuphy, also warned of possible flooding in various flood prone areas.

“Currently, we are in a major rainy season and the rains have started coming so at least within a maximum of two to three days, we should expect some rain. However, there was a lot of rain yesterday [Thursday], so definitely there will be a little bright and sunny weather.

“The moisture will start forming again. Hopefully by Wednesday going, we should expect another rain over the coast lines and the middle belt and the forest areas. If it is the rain that is coming, it will come with some storm so people should just be on the watch for weather warning. And they should make sure they get the weather warning.”

The Meteorological Service had earlier warned that the coastal forests and transitional parts of Ghana would experience ‘normal to above normal rainfall’ from the second week of March to the end of July, 2017.

It said the season would be characterized by lengthy dry spells, especially over the coastal areas.

By: Marian Ansah/