Mihir Sukthankar Aims To Be The Mentor He Never Had

Mihir Sukthankar
Mihir Sukthankar

Making money can be a challenging prospect to many young people in today’s world. But the opposite can be said for Mihir Sukthankar, a 19-year old prodigy trader from the Bay Area in California. As a successful trader, he offers his experience to others through his unique approach, which capitalizes on his own expertise in trading and his background in teaching. Sukthankar says he’s no stranger to teaching, working as a website coding instructor. It was in high school that he says he delved into the mysteries of the stock market, realizing he had a talent for reading charts and predicting price movement.

Growing a Community

When Sukthankar Started trading, he says he had no mentors. Now, four years in, he’s managed to set up a peer network of traders known as Traders Circle X (TCX). Their objective is to help other traders get in contact with one another. The follow-trade system he uses is unique, innovative, and engaging. He’s focused TCX on showing others how to copy his formula for trading in the hopes of helping them earn money the same way he did. But Sukthankar says he has never been one to spoon-feed others and firmly believes his students need to understand their moves rather than simply following. To this end, TCX focuses on being a trading academy designed to teach recruits the ins and outs of the market so they can best profit from price action.

More Than Just a Trader

Sukthankar’s passion for coding led him to approach the problems facing traders today with a new perspective. BoostedQuant, Sukthankar’s latest brainchild, is a tool designed to help new traders, as well as more experienced traders, through technological expertise. BoostedQuant helps traders determine the probability of a good trade based on existing market factors. It considers previously successful trades then builds a profile of how likely it is the system will move in a particular direction over time. The technology is based on Sukthankar’s solid grasp of technical trading, doing exactly what he does, but instead using automatic decision-making.

Mihir Sukthankar’s money-making trading doesn’t only depend on technical analysis. He says most traders don’t realize the impact the news and media can have on the stock market’s volatility. So he’s built another tool; Market Dice. This is a platform for traders interested in the news that affects the trading markets. It delivers information directly to traders, cutting out all the “fluff,” as he calls it, and typical embellishment to give traders the hard facts. This clean and precise delivery of news helps traders determine where they should and shouldn’t trade based on the market’s volatility.

Young People Making Money

Trading used to be a rich person’s game, says Sukthankar. But today, anyone can invest pennies into stock and be able to see the dividends skyrocket. Sukthankar’s understanding of the market is unique, but he doesn’t see it as something that applies only to himself. He believes success comes from dedication and hard work. Few 19-year-olds are considered “trading geniuses,” but many have put Mihir Sukthankar in that category. Through his efforts, he’s helped thousands of people realize how easy it is to make money from trading online.


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