Minister of Local Government James Musoni

The minister of local government James Musoni has said there has been a 67% response across the country for people to live in planned villages. The minister was speaking at the close of a two day meeting on rural settlement and integrated development programs. The meeting had brought together vice mayors in charge of economic affairs.

The local leaders focused on among other issues assessment findings on households living in planned village sites as well as access to low cost housing materials. But the most dominant issue was that of finding ways of effectively mobilizing citizens to settle in planned villages because. This is because they can easily access development collectively.

Local government minister James Musoni said more needs to be done in improving both rural and urban settlement despite the development registered at different levels.

The minister observed that in the rural areas construction is done with consideration to available infrastructure and agricultural activities. In the urban areas on the other hand, there are still some areas that are not well planned. He therefore called on the local leaders to sensitize citizens to always bear in mind the city’s master plan before construction of residential settlements.

To assist in this, the ministry of local government donated to each district GPS apparatus, a lap top computer and camera.

Kamonyi district vice mayor who was elected to represent her colleagues said these equipment will enable them to carry out their work effectively.

The vice mayors agreed to finalize the identification of sites for settlement and validate them through districts advisory councils by the end of February 2012.

They also agreed to stop construction of houses in marshlands and emphasize on conduction of environmental impact assessment to all projects before they start being implemented.



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