The ministers for  Gender, Children and Social Protection, Interior and Defence along with the Minister nominee for the Northern Region caused an over one hour of delay to an Africa World Airlines flight in Tamale to the dismay of passengers.

The ministers, together with journalists and security personnel, arrived at the Tamale Airport on a military helicopter from Bimbilla after visiting the township after the clashes that left at least 10 persons dead.

The ministers at Bimbilla earlier on

The ministers at Bimbilla earlier on

According to a journalist on the flight, Joseph Quaye Amoo, the Minister for Defence, Dominic Nitiwul apologised to passengers before the plane took off.

Some passengers expressed outrage at the delay of the flight and described the situation unacceptable given this was a commercial flight. and that public officers do not have the right to request

The also said public officers did not have the right to request delay to enable them embark while performing their public duty.

Smoke detected in cabin

10 minutes in into the flight, the pilot announced that smoke has been detected in the cabin and therefore the flight had to return to the Tamale Airport.

The flight returned to Tamale Airport where the pilot announced that engineers from Accra would work on it.

According to AWA sources, an empty plane will depart from Accra to Tamale and the stranded passengers would be expected to be on a 10: 30 pm flight to Accra.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/


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