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Minority should spare our ears of the empty noises


There is no gain-saying the fact that, the current minority caucus in Parliament (NDC MPs), are clueless. Opposition does not mean blindly disagreeing and kicking against everything that the majority does or proposes. It is clear that, the minority caucus in the current Parliament, has lost its credibility, that is, if they had any from the onset.

Let me remind the minority, who most often appear to speak to the media and the Ghanaian public at large without their brains that, it was exactly this type of behaviour they exhibited during the tenure of John Mahama that landed them with the description, ‘minority’ in the current Parliament. The then ruling NDC under John Mahama, denied every available truth regarding the Ghanaian economy. They went further to call the current President names, instead of spending precious time to tell Ghanaians how they will make life a little comfortable for them, if retained in power at the 7th December 2016 polls. This same people said that, its communicators should paint black sheep, white. Apologies to Baba Jamal!

Now, an opportunity has been presented to them to redeem their already battered image in the form of being the minority in Parliament, because the Nkrumahists cannot get their act together, and one does not need the brains of a Rocket Scientist to see the direction in which they are heading. Probably less than a hundred (100) seats in the next Parliament after the 2020 elections, Insha Allah!

The NDC is clearly owing Metro Mass a huge amount of money, per the information that has been made available to the public. The public is yet to see a clueless minority press conference denying this state of affairs. I expect Metro Mass to take legal action to recover the said amount against the NDC officials who contracted the Metro Mass buses, if they signed as private persons, or against the NDC as a corporate body if they acted as official representatives of the NDC.

Koku Anyidoho and his partner in ‘venom spewing’, thus, Kofi Adams, are at it again. When John Mahama was running to the IMF with a cup in hand to beg for a meagre US$918m, with conditions attached, the current Vice President, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, at the invitation of the Chinese gov’t to China, (he didn’t go there to beg, like Mahama went to the IMF to do), landed this country with a US$15b financing package. This is not a loan, but in simple terms, a pre-payment for just one of our natural resources (bauxite), and the beauty is that, it is 5% of the bauxite reserves that is the subject of the contract.

Under a normal democracy, where the minority has a clear sense of direction, the NPP gov’t headed by President Nana Akufo-Addo, should have been commended by all and sundry for this new type of financing model they have come up with, but no reasonable person will expect that from ‘venom spewers’ like Anyidoho, Kofi Adams, and their clueless minority caucus.

The current BOST contaminated fuel brouhaha in the media, is an issue, where a reasonable opposition would have rendered an unqualified apology to the people of Ghana, and ask to be forgiven, and go further to distance itself from the Mahama looting brigade. Until the current leadership of the NDC starts distancing itself from the naked robbery perpetuated by Mahama and his cohorts on this country, then they should forget about coming back to power in the foreseeable future.

The BNI report regarding the BOST contaminated fuel, made it clear that, the contamination took place on 18th January, 2017. The current BOST boss, whom the clueless minority are calling on to resign, assumed duty on 23rd January 2017, so, how could he have superintended over the contamination?

In addition, a proposed company can legally enter into contracts, based on the doctrine of pre-incorporation contracts. So, what is the noise about a yet to be incorporated company buying the contaminated fuel?

The report concludes that, Movenpiina paid GHS 1.30p per litre, whilst the highest ever paid under the Mahama corrupt and inept regime was GHS 1.00 per litre. The leader of the clueless minority, Iddrisu Haruna, is still insisting of a cover up by the BNI. Honourable minority leader, deny the payments of the over GHS 5m a month by BOST to ex-president Mahama and former Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah! It is apparent that, the minority is acting in bad faith! A majority of Ghanaians can now read between the lines, so stop throwing dust into discerning people eyes. We have moved beyond the NDC open lies of the 90s.

If the minority wants to be taken serious, then they better start using their brains to look into issues with all the due diligence that they can muster, even if it means contracting independent consultants to help them come out with sensible positions on important national issues.


Source: Alhassan Salifu Bawah

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