Mirror for Blind


By William Gomes

The mirror is shining

The Earth is moving

The earth crawling in pain

But the Men are blind!

The Men are dancing on their success

They are king , they lord

They have nice name Obama,Hasina, Rajapaksa

Or USA, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka,

They have different name but they are blind

They are one !

The men are blind for power and position

The men are blind to kill and conquer

The men are killing each other

Then men will keep killing until they kill themselves

If Shri Narayana Guru comes again, they will kill Guru

Yes! They will kill Guru and form another 9/11 or 7/7

They will Send Guru in Exile!

Yes! I am serious, they are blind, and they cannot see the Mirror

Yes, I am serious; they don’t want to see the Mirror

Yes, I am serious they don’t read poem

Yes, they are serious too!

Yes, they don’t read poem but they made law

Yes, they are expert! In legalizing killings!

Yes! Guru, don’t come, they will kill you!

Yes, they are blind, they cannot see

Yes, they had broken the justice

Yes, they had broken the mirror for others

Yes, they made others blind who want to see.

This  is a reflection on a poem “Looking in the mirror- (3)”  written by prominent  Sri Lankan born jurist, author, poet, human rights activist, prolific writer Mr. Basil Fernando.

Download : Mirror for Blind

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