I have read several write-ups on the above topic and I am concerned that a permanent solution has not been found for this problem. Years ago, three places were the safest for everyone to be. These places were the school and college campuses, church sanctuary, and hospital facilities. School and college campuses were for the training of the mind for scholarship, social interactions, and honing of future leaders. The church building is called a “sanctuary” because congregants go there to seek refuge from God and fellowship with the community of believers. The hospital was for the treatment of people with physical and emotional problems. These places were the least to be invaded by criminal minds, thieves, and assassins. However, this is no longer the case at the turn of the twenty-first century. The school and college campuses have become the den of robbers, murderers, drug traffickers, call girls, and prostitution rings.

Some thieves and criminals masquerade as “Christians” with the intention to dupe, steal, and cheat unsuspecting and genuine followers of Christ. These thieves and robbers have crept into the church not because they want to worship God but to steal from the people of God. Therefore, when you attend a church service, you have to be vigilant with your cell phone, handbag, wallet, and jewels because you cannot discern whether the person seated next to you is a faithful believer or a fake one.

The hospital has become unsafe for mothers and their newborn babies. Children are stolen from hospitals for unknown reasons. We should not be naive but to acknowledge that the world is a more dangerous place today than decades ago. In spite of our advancement in science, technology, and medicine, human nature has not changed and has even worsened. We should therefore, be as wise and creative and stay steps ahead of the criminal minds and those who want to harm our children and us.

In light of the picture I have painted above, several questions need to be answered by the administration of the Hospital. First, why are there so many stillborn babies at KATH? Stillborn babies occur but this should not be the norm. Second, besides the doctors, nurses, spouses and families, who else have access to the maternity ward? How and why are the babies stolen? Third, is there a time where there are no attendants with the babies at the ward? Those who are conducting the investigations should probe the administration and hospital staff with such questions.


????????? This serious matter should be treated with thorough investigation and urgency. First, I propose that if the Hospital administrators are inept and inefficient they should be fired. However, before new administrators are hired, they should be vetted and a background study of these new personnel should be conducted. Background study is important because it would reveal the sort of administrators that would replace the former.

Second, security and hidden cameras should be installed to monitor what goes on in the children’s ward. Third, the hospital should hire at least two uniformed police officers who would run shifts to guard the newborn babies’ at the maternity ward or mothers of babies unit.

Third, keep a ledger on the nurses and doctors to determine who is on duty at any given time. Finally, limit the visitation to immediate family members and spiritual leaders of the birth mothers. These rules should be followed judiciously such that the stealing of babies would become outdated.


Kennedy Ahenkora Adarkwa, PhD.


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