Drupal Consultants vary widely in their skills and abilities. Some are at the top of the curve, while others have more recently jumped on the Drupal consulting bandwagon. To play safe, you must hire someone who understands your industry and the particular needs of your sites user. Therefore, when hiring a Drupal consultant you should consider several elements to help you realize your mission-critical business needs. Here in this article, we will be considering some of the most common mistakes made when hiring a competent consultant.  

Consider the following list of common mistakes companies make when hiring Drupal consultants-

1. Failure to explain your current business practices

Be it a custom check-out feature or a dynamic color change, just make sure your developer knows what ideas you have planned in your mind and they can deliver on those terms.

Explaining how your business works on a day-to-day basis will help your developer come up with a plan, and well-executed strategy.

2. Failing to specify the timeframe of the work

Make sure to specify the agreed work and the project-completion timeframe, signed by both the parties. You should have a clear and realistic communication with Drupal experts regarding deliverables, fees, and responsibilities.

3. Implementing recommendations lately

To make sure you get the maximum benefit for your organization, implement the Drupal consultant’s recommendations before they are lost in the organizational inertia of your business.

You can ask your staff to report in a month on the progress they are making, and call for regular reports until the work has been completed. You can expect the consultant to take an equal interest in seeing that his or her recommendations result in benefits.

4. Conducting incomplete research

Avoid asking your developers to implement every single idea in your websites that has not been thoroughly evaluated. Avoid the trial and error method of implementing new ideas. Every project comes with unique challenges which provide opportunities to learn new things. Identify the challenges likely to be encountered during the implementation of the project and come up with solutions to those challenges.

5. Being Price-Conscious

This is one mistake that many people often commit. Due to budgetary constraints, some business owners just look at the price of the services being offered when choosing which drupal consulting company to hire. This is a big mistake as choosing the cheapest option won’t always guarantee you the best services. Don’t make the mistake of using the cost of the services in choosing which company to hire. Evaluate multiple factors and then choose the best combination of price, services, and quality that will serve your mission-critical business needs.

Although the list of common hiring mistakes is exhaustive and several studies have been conducted in this regard. The risks will always exist, but being aware of them should greatly help.  

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