Mitt Romney’s Aide Told Journalists,”Kiss My Ass”


As the American Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets in his vehicle, reporters shout questions at him in Poland an unexpected horror comment from his aide?“kiss my ass”?has made a big topic of the week.

The White House contender Mitt Romney has made an insupportable enmity tour in Poland with a swipe about the state of freedom in Russia and an abomination by Romney’s aide who told journalists to?“kiss my ass”.
Even though it was his first visit to the closed gate, the Republican presidential candidate vowed his commitment to close ties with Poland, which still has a testy relationship with Moscow more than two decades after the fall of communism.
Ronmey?in his promises made “an example and defender of freedom.”??In Russia, he promised advances toward a free and open society.
According to?Ronmey?Poland has no greater friend and ally than the people of the United States, I believe it is critical to stand by those who have stood by America and it is with solidarity that America and Poland can face the future.
Romney’s final leg of the three-stop tour which was aimed at burnishing his foreign policy credentials ahead of the November presidential election, was marred by a verbal attack on journalists by one of his top aides.? His spokesman RickGorka?who lost his cool when journalists pressed Romney during a solemn visit to a World War II memorial in Warsaw over the gaffes that have plagued him during his visits to Israel and Britain.?Gorka?told the journalists to?“kiss my ass”?and to shove it as they chased Romney for answers, before calling them half an hour later to apologise.
Some members of the local press also complained bitterly about a lack of access to Romney during his visit. In Britain, Romney who organised the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City triggered outrage after he questioned London’s security readiness for the Games which opened on Friday.
His campaign also denied any antagonism, that one of Romney’s aides told a British newspaper that Obama doesn’t understand the “Anglo-Saxon heritage” shared by the US and Britain.
In Israel too, he angered the Palestinians for endorsing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state and saying that Israeli “culture” helps them succeed in many economic aspects.
TAWIAH FRANCIS (Duisburg – Germany)

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