Mohammed Amin Lamptey: The Reformer Of Ghana Boxing?

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Sports Journalist, Lecturer, Marketing & PR Consultant and Boxing oficionado Mohammed Amin Lamptey says he is the Reformist coming to package Ghana Boxing in a better shape.

“My dream to witness a massive change in Pro-boxing in Ghana is very much anticipated any time I think about boxing and the past golden era of boxing in Ghana” he said.

Having followed the game, business and sport for closely over the past two decades and at a point serving as a member of the GBA board in an effort to help regain the past momentum and passion boxing commanded in the past, he feels the need to play a critical roles in an effort to preserve the sanctity and integrity of Ghana Boxing through communication, Public Relations and Media Relations.

He revealed that over the past few weeks, he has been confronted by key stakeholders of the pugilistic sport who have suggested his candidacy for the top post of the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) in the upcoming Elective Congress in July this year.

As an enthusiasts of the fistic sport, he expressed his profound gratitude to them for such a remarkable recognition but told them he needed to consult and analysis himself as well as weigh available options before making any informed decision.

He told Yours Truly, he is still in the process of consulting more key stakeholders (home and abroad) and friends, while phone calls have started coming from some interest individuals and groups trying to enquire from him the authenticity of the rumor making rounds about his aspiration to contest for the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) top position.

He commended all past GBA Presidents including the current President Peter Zwennes for their great efforts.

“If only I am given the chance to put my card on the table for the top GBA post, I will simple called myself “THE REFORMER”.

“My preoccupations shall be to consolidate our past gains and lead the forward march of a total revamping of Pro-boxing in Ghana in the areas of leadership, vision, administration, attraction, wealth and laurels.

“Due to the massive influence of globalization especially with the advent of social media, I will prefer to use the phrase “A FRESH START” as a catalyst for my vision and mission for Pro-boxing in Ghana.

“I hope this will not be construed as my prepared manifesto. l am only trying to share what is on my mind as I put together this information across.

It is always my ambition to consider highly the following as part of my priority and operational areas:

Plans & Projects

1. Strengthen the GBA board with relevant sub committees underpinned by an achievable 4 year development plan.

2.Ratings of boxers focusing on activities both domestically and internationally.

3.Rebuilding relationship with all stakeholders.

4.Identify strategic partners who either share our vision and passion for the pugilistic sport.

5.Identify corporate entities who can be partners in delivering our goals for this beautiful sport of noble art of self defence .

6.Establish a working relationship with the Ministry of Youth and Sports for strategic reasons.

7.Engage corporate Ghana for a more viable business discussion that is anchored on win-win situation.

8.Establish partnership with Ministry of Tourism, Art and culture to help rebrand our former world champions for the benefit of both Pro-boxing and the tourism industry.

9.Revive partnership with the media especially on Broadcasting Networks interested in partnering the GBA and promoters.

10.Relationship between the GBA and GABF to help monitor and evaluate movements of Amateur boxers to Pro-boxing, which is a priority.

1.Marketing and effective communication

2.Considering highly the Broadcasting framework

3.Develop sponsorship and funding framework

4.Modernization – commercialization and monetisation of the sport.

5.Establish joint committee to supervise criteria for boxers graduating from Amature to Pro-boxing.

6.Proposal to government to sponsor national title bouts at least twice in a year.

7.Introducing GBA national awards night.

8.Redesign national titles and create national title challenge buzz.

9.Development of local boxers anchored on national title bouts.

10.Empowering of boxing fraternity through skills development programmes and other training opportunities locally and internationally.

11.Developing a mechanism to check, monitor and evaluate activities of all licensees(Boxers,

promoters, managers, Matchmakers, ring officials, paramedics and trainers)

12.Enhancing all certified professional boxing gyms.

13.Rebrand boxing trainers and boxers.

14.Establishing retired Boxers and Ring Officials welfare fund

15.National Health Insurance scheme for all boxers.

16.Creating other sources of financial inflow.

17.Taking a critical look at the GBA constitution to propose relevant amendments to suit our mission and purpose.

18.Reactivating GBA website to help transmit information, preserve records of boxers and any other relevant data.

19.Get a bus for the GBA official activities

20.Taking a look at manager-boxer relationship and contractual agreements as well as Promoters -boxers engagements.


According to him, the upcoming July GBA elections must be seen by all as a great opportunity to reshape the sport we all love.

It’s very instructive for decision makers especially delegates who will be voting to know that Pro-boxing is a direct source of living for many people and so must not be taken lightly.

“Let’s be critical in our thinking and be ambitious in our vision for the sport, Pro-boxing needs quality leadership underpinned by quality, efficiency and competence that can take the sport to another level he expressed.

He concluded that people’s advices, guidance and contributions are very much welcome will endeavor to make quality decision for the ultimate benefit of the sport he loves dearly.

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