Mohammed Gobir
Mohammed Gobir

Alhaji Mohammed Gobir, the Chief Executive Officer of Lake Resources, Liquid Gold Limited and Stanmore Oil & Gas Limited, with other enormous interest in real estate, trading enterprises, media management among other thriving business associations.

Mohammed Gobir
Mohammed Gobir

With other two decades of resourceful, dogged, determined, methodical and workmanlike business passion, Gobir has built an enduring business pedigree founded on the belief that philanthropic capitalism is the best business model. He believes that the more people a company helps, the more people will patronize that company as a responsible citizen, the more successful that company becomes.

The more value a business provides, the more the business’s worth in the estimation of the public. This is the business philosophy of Gobir which according to him revolves around focusing the business outlook on helping other people for business to succeed.

This is business reciprocation that drives the good heartedness of Alhaji Mohammed Gobir.
Mohammed Gobir has positively affected the lives of not only his business communities, his sense of responsible citizen touches on as many that comes around him with socio-economic challenges. He was born in the 1960s to an astute diplomat, Alhaji Abubarkar Gobir, a former Nigerians ambassador to Togo, India and Sweden coupled with meritorious public service in the ministries of Defense, FCT, Mines & Power and Agriculture.

With a rich background in public service, it could be deduced that he took after his father little wonder where the passion for service laced with business purity comes from. Through his humanitarian laden business philosophy, Gobir has positively touched several lives through selfless donations to charitable causes. His heart of giving knows no ethno-religious sentiment. It traverses the crevice of language, social group and class in the society.

A devoted father to two wonderful children and husband to a good judgmental business partner, wife and mother. With vast interest in notable business sectors of the Nigerian economy, Mohammed Gobir has provided and added to the employment catalog of the country. His business chain has supplied employment empowerment to more than 3000 Nigerians across the country. Most significant number presently are engaged in his flagship companies: Lake Resources Nigeria Limited and Stanmore Oil & Gas Nigeria limited. The combined worth of both companies exceed 500 million Naira in asset.

To underscore the values he attached to education, Gobir stated that the object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. By nature all people are alike, but by education become different. It is this uncompromised wisdom that led him in providing education for the less privileges in the society. He is a notable donor to the cause of many orphanage homes in Lagos, Abuja and home state of Kaduna, where he attended Kaduna Polytechnic with degree in Textile Technology.

His understanding of textile technology, methodology and processes was instrumental in exemplary service to the United Nigeria Textile Limited in Kaduna State, from where he worked with Taurus International Limited to become the Commercial Officer at Astrotech Limited and Commercial Manager at Hagville Nigeria Limited.

It was the summation of the best education, career foresight and firm resolve to make indelible impression that led him to establish his first company: Lake Resources Limited before he delved into the booming sector of Oil and Gas consummated with the establishment of Stanmore Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited. It has been a success story ever since. The secret of his booming business interests, according to him, lies being disciplined, diligent, precise, truthful, and fastidious, systematic, workmanlike and responsible.

On what energize and drive his kind heartedness gesture, he said the passion to look at the community to see what is important with mind on schools, shelter, the degrading social infrastructure among others occupy his mind when the time to give back beckons. To this end, he has developed a wide organization policy of employee volunteer plan where every member of his flagship companies dedicates a week for social corporate responsibility services to selected areas in need of government attention. His involvement is not to contest in fulfillment of social amenities with government but to provide smiling face on the part of the people.

This has become a policy taken to the boundary of passion for his companies in the last 5 years.
Gobir is also the architect of the “Northern Children Need Education Not Arm Giving” initiatives in conjunction with professional like minds under the aegis of Young Professional of the Northern States (YPNS). This group of careers conscious Northerners focused on providing for the less privilege in the North with emphasis on eradication of the Almagiri Culture which it believes is one of the energizers of the social economic insecurity in the North.

The group focused on fighting the menace of unemployment, youth restiveness and religious harmony in the North. Recently the Forum under the shrewd initiatives of Gobir mobilized relief materials for the Internal Displaced Persons Camps in Adamawa and Yobe States.

With successful business career of less than 30 years, Gobir has impacted many lives positively. He is a passionate and avid apostle in uplifting the pains of the widows in the society. A passion he took from his mother who was a reference point in selfless service to the less privilege and widows in the society. To contribute to this worthy cause, Gobir set up an endowment/mutual fund sourced majorly from 10 per cent of his annual business profit and little from the shareful might of his company employees and few business associates. The proceeds from the endowment fund is directed to provide relief materials for the plight of the less privileged and widows. He is an unnamed contributor to many notable orphanage homes and old peoples’ Homes scattered around the country.

On why he is successful today, Gobir disclosed that “I am successful today because I decided to build a business that is not only profitable in a short period of time, but have also been able to give back to my community by partnering with charities”. He said. He believes that if politicians and other businessmen in Nigeria can imbibe the culture of philanthropic capitalism, the society will become a better and more secured place for everybody irrespective of social and economic class.

By Itunu James
Itunu is a Public Affairs Analyst, She Wrote From Badagry, Lagos.


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