MoI Employees launched car insurance service


The Social Solidarity Fund for the Ministry of Interior Employees launched the car insurance service for the MoI staff members. This step is a part of the quantum leap in the social solidarity services provided by the Social Solidarity Fund, and is consistent with the police leadership?s vision.
pic23244Brigadier Salem Al Shamesi, Director General of the Social Solidarity Fund, said that the car insurance premium features a number of perks and services that insurance companies provide for beneficiaries. He said: ?These companies offer affordable insurance rates on car insurance, in a bid to alleviate the financial burdens suffered by staff members. This step complements the Fund?s efforts in achieving conformity between its services and the continuous development goal.?
Brigadier Al Shamesi also noted that the service provides beneficiaries with the lowest car insurance rates. However, individuals can pay extra charges to avail of additional insurance services such as a replacement vehicle while fixing the insured car is being repaired; car registration renewal; all-risk policy; off-road insurance for 4WD vehicles at minimum costs rate; agency repair; and third party car insurance against accidental damage to a third party vehicle or property.
Additionally, Brigadier Al Shamesi explained that the Fund was keen on including a wide array of products and services within the car insurance service, in an effort to cater to the different needs of all MoI staff members in terms of comprehensive or third party insurance. Additional perks are also available, such as Coverage for the accidental loss of or damage to the insured vehicle; bodily injury to any passenger(s) in the vehicles other than the insured or the driver; as well as property damage caused by the insured?s vehicle.
In conclusion, Brigadier Shamesi stressed the commitment of the Fund to developing the solidarity services it provides. He also explained that various agreements are underway with a number of national companies and institutions in a bid to provide the ministry?s staff members with distinguished and appropriate conditions. He also noted that such partnerships bring added value to beneficiaries, because group insurance agreements encourage companies to make affordable offers for the benefit of the MoI staff members.

Source: [ME NewsWire]

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