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Moira Forbes urges action to address displacement of women due to climate change

Climate change impact
Climate change impact

Speaking at COP28’s Future Mobility Hub – an inclusive, innovative platform that serves as a complementary business venue to the policy focused COP28 – Forbes’ Executive Vice President Moira Forbes urged action to address the ‘devastating’ trend of disproportionate displacement of women due to climate change.

During an in-house interview, Forbes said: “Across a variety of different issues and crises around the world, women continue to be disproportionately impacted, whether it be issues of climate violence, these types of displacement, the things that you mentioned.

And I think it really goes down to the corridors and structures of power in terms of who are the decision makers and who are the people at the forefront who aren’t necessarily leading with the most expansive and innovative minds and approach to leadership today. And unfortunately, what that means is, is those, as you said, who are most vulnerable are impacted in extraordinary ways. And I think one of the most important things to drive change, whatever it may be, is to have that diversity of thought, to have more expansive voices within these conversations and at the table.

Because when you have that thinking and that appreciation of diversity of thought, that’s when you create sustainable solutions. And until that happens, you’ll continue to see these trends in devastating ways.” COP28 has so far made international headlines following Dr. Sultan al Jaber’s comments on cutting fossil fuels – a topic Forbes gave a balanced response to: “Well, I think what’s helpful is that there is this really open and rigorous debate in terms of what are the types of goals that we should have? What are the things that adequately address some of the crises that we have and how do we bring these different stakeholders along?

Any time you need to drive change in the urgent way that we need to run some of these solutions or you have to ensure is that you meet these these, these people where they are and how do you bring together solutions where all voices are heard, but also solutions that could be implemented in a realistic and sustainable way.

And so to me, when you have these types of conversations, it’s really important because it offers this exchange of ideas and a debate, and that is really healthy in terms of being able to tackle these global issues.” Moira Forbes represents four generations of publishers, and is currently Forbes’ Executive Vice President – also serving as the President and Publisher of ForbesWomen.

The Future Mobility Hub @COP28 offers a unique space where individuals can gather to gain knowledge, engage in meaningful discussions, and collaborate on various aspects of mobility, transportation, sustainability, and innovation. The Future Mobility Hub is designed to encourage learning, facilitate exchange of ideas, and promote partnerships among professionals from different industries, with the aim of shaping the future of transportation and mobility in a sustainable and innovative way.

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