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More Africans Dying in Germany


The funeral ceremonies are becoming too many for young AfricansApart from poverty, negligence and carelessness, humans beings are supposed to die at old age, is an old English proverb that goes with the full knowledge that life and death are intertwined. A journey of faith that lies in the choice we make knowingly or unknowingly.

The objective of this article is not to mock the dead or scorn the sick (as we mortal cannot live forever and must one day answer the call of nature) but to inform the African communities to take better care of their health.

Nonetheless, many Africans are known to have strange beliefs about death which has its root on mythology and folklores of the diverse cultures and religion of the past. Ironically today most of these beliefs (where it still exists) have devalued the very fact that health, life and death could be spared if well managed as science has proved.

The simple phrase?Health is?Wealth?illustrates the importance of putting health first ahead of other things or at best knowing what is required to take good care of our body and soul as a precaution to subsequent needs.

The foods we eat, the medications and the overall implication of the decision we make when it comes to our health matters.

Black people in some medical circles are believed to be prone to cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver problems, high blood pressure, diabetics and stroke that most often lead to death.

However, It appears African communities in Germany are not heeding to these health warnings. There have been reports of many untimely deaths within the African communities in Germany with Ghana community being the number one victim.

It is no more news that Ghanaians have more funerals every week than marriages and naming ceremonies combined together. The statistics shows majority are dying from embolism cardiovascular related medical issues.

Cardiovascular diseases are mainly caused by lack of exercise, stressful life, excessive smoking, alcohol, and eating unhealthy food. African food are 70% mainly carbohydrate with little considerations of fruits thereafter.We eat heavily as if there will be no next meal,?without drinking enough liquid to help digest the heavy solid meals.

Water been the vital of all intakes, adults are advised to consume an average of 3 litres of water per day and to reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages. People who are above the age of 40 should do enough to minimize stressful life, eat more fruits, vegetables and engage in exercises. Younger people also ought to be active.

Germany is one country in the world that cares for its citizens in terms of welfare and provision of universal health care. But the cardinal point of a community with peculiar health crises should be enlightening the people on taking better care of their own health.

Opinion leaders and health workers of African origins including doctors should as a matter of urgency plan symposiums to sensitize the people properly on this subject. The African Media houses?are challenged to run health related programs.

The importance of a community gathering should not be limited to drinks and gossips. They should rather include educating the vast majority of its ignorant members on how to avoid the pitfalls of preventable diseases and untimely death.

We can no longer fold hands and watch our people die in the mist of adequate Health Care facilities. The average death rate among Germans is about 81 Years.
Therefore if Africans ? and mostly Ghanaians are dying far below this age, indicates there is something wrong.

African communities in Germany are in dire need of bold Community leaders, Intellectuals and Professionals who can rise above the triviality of sectionalism, clannishness and self serving as it is apparently the case now.

By Adams Kennedy Chidi


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