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More than 1 million children at the age of 7 to 17 in Mozambique are involved in different forms of child labor activities, the representative of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in the country, Igor Felice, said Wednesday in Maputo.

Speaking on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labor, which falls on June 12, Felice said most of the activities are found in sectors of agriculture and commerce, including activities considered as dangerous for children, such as illegal miners.

The ILO representative said there are even worse forms of child labor in the southeast African country, which includes slavery and prostitution.

“All those activities constitute a risk to health and psychological development of children. The activities are forbidden by the International Labor Organization convention, which Mozambique agrees to forbid and fight against,” said Felice.

To discourage these practices, the country’s labor ministry carried out a study and concluded that the law allowing children above 15 years old to work cannot be fully executed, due to difficult living conditions.

Since 2016, the ministry has been implementing a campaign called “Red Card to All Forms of Child Labor” to fight child labor in the country. Enditem



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