More than 10,000 people in Ghana are HIV carriers

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The Ghana Aids Commission recently disclosed that there are more than 100,000 individuals in the country who are carriers of HIV. Shockingly, these carriers are unaware of their status, and as a result, they are unknowingly spreading the virus.

Dr. Kyeremeh Atuahene, the Director General of the Commission, revealed these figures during a news conference in Accra and further elaborated on the issue in an interview with JoyNews. He highlighted that over 28% of people living with HIV remain unaware of their status because they have not undergone testing, and this accounts for approximately 100,000 individuals.

The lack of awareness about their HIV status is a matter of concern, as it contributes to the inadvertent spread of the virus. Dr. Atuahene stressed the importance of knowing one’s HIV status, as it can significantly impact treatment success rates.

Delaying seeking medical attention until the disease progresses to AIDS can lead to more prolonged and challenging recovery, as it takes time to boost the immune system and support the body.

To address this issue, the Ghana Aids Commission has initiated an aggressive search for the more than 100,000 individuals with HIV to ensure they receive the necessary treatment and support. As part of their efforts, they have launched an HIV self-test campaign to reach out to those who might be under-served or hard to reach by conventional HIV services.

By bringing the testing services to their doorstep, the hope is to encourage individuals who fear knowing their status to take the first step and get tested. Knowing one’s HIV status is crucial not only for personal health but also for curbing the spread of the virus and implementing effective treatment and prevention strategies.

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