Morocco’s ONMT’s Visionary Strategy to Shine on the Global Tourism Stage


Morocco’s enthusiastic participation in WTM London 2023 is a pivotal component of the ONMT’s dynamic strategy. This strategic initiative is designed not only to fortify the North African nation’s presence in traditional tourism markets but also to extend its reach into new territories, reinforcing Morocco’s standing as a premier global destination.

Aligned with the ONMT’s comprehensive action plan, aptly named “Light in Action,” the overarching objective is to position Morocco among the top 10 tourism countries worldwide by the year 2026. This ambitious plan underscores the country’s commitment to leveraging its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and historical treasures to captivate the imagination of travelers across the globe.

Central to this strategy is the international campaign “Morocco: Land of Light,” launched with great fervor in April 2023. This campaign, already in full swing across 20 countries, seeks to amplify Morocco’s visibility on the global stage. The goal is to immerse potential tourists in the allure of Morocco’s cultural mosaic, historic sites, and breathtaking landscapes, enticing them to explore the country’s myriad offerings.

Looking ahead to the period of 2023-2026, the ONMT is poised to intensify the impact of the “Morocco: Land of Light” campaign. By embracing a public-private governance model, the ONMT is ensuring the collaborative success of its action plan. This approach aims to create an attractive and efficient presence for Morocco, both within the broader tourism landscape and specifically within the dynamic travel industry.

In harmony with the roadmap set by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism, this collaborative effort seeks not only to showcase Morocco’s unique offerings but also to ensure the seamless execution of strategies. By combining the strengths of public and private entities, Morocco is paving the way for an exciting future as it strives to become a beacon among the world’s top tourism destinations.

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