Mosquito Nets Or Covered Gutters

Mosquito Net
Mosquito Net

Ghana is forcing to be become a tourist resort however the main issue in bringing that the vision is still not been addressed. Is this too much for every community to ask their MP for litter bins and covered gutters? There some known NGOs and other organisations in the country who are investing and promoting the wider use of mosquito nets in mosquito invested areas.

The question is that, “ Is it better to distribute mosquito nets to people communities members to stop the spread of Malaria in the country or prevention by covering gutters as a projects throughout the country. Currently, it appears certain areas have covered gutters whilst other don’t. Common sense tells us that prevention is better than cure as more children die because of this failure by Governments.

This is not a rocket science, yet many Government have come and gone yet the problem is the same. Most of our gutters in Ghana are uncovered or if covered are not deep enough and are chocked with pure water sachets and black bags.

Communities should now demand that their gutters are covered and sprayed periodically on timely schedules. MP’s are voted into power and the next thing communities see are those MP’s riding high in their 4 by 4 and talking down at them. What is the mandate MP’s have for their communities? One would like to think is by partnership working together with communities’ members leveraging strengths and making significant difference which is tangible and take these as key short- term objectives that would improve the daily lifestyle of the people in any community.

The long -term objectives would be to unsure that all gutters throughout the country are covered.

This is what one would expect the Minister of Tourism to address before promoting tourism the country. We assume the tourist will continue to put up with our filth and our flimsy excuses we often have. Shame unto The Tourist Ministry for poor show on sanitation and hygiene.

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