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Mother and daughter show the procedure’s results to eliminate cellulite

Soraia Cardoso, and her mother, Sandra Maria Cardoso,
Soraia Cardoso, and her mother, Sandra Maria Cardoso,

Why does cellulite bother women so much? It’s not a rule; some manage to live well, even with the cellulite marks showing. However, others end up losing self-esteem for the same reason. Soraia Cardoso, 49, and her mother, Sandra Maria Cardoso, 70, decided to get rid of what bothered them so much and have a treatment to eliminate cellulite. The technique chosen was GoldIncision, created by Dr. Roberto Charcur, a reference in combating and preventing these skin changes. According to Soraia, her cellulite started to appear at 38 years old.

“I had liposuction and didn’t have a successful ‘post.’ Then I had fibrosis, and cellulite appeared”, she says. According to her, putting on shorts or wearing bikinis became a sign of low self-esteem: “I was embarrassed when I put on a bikini. When going to the beach, I would ask someone to go to the sea to fill a bucket of water for me to cool off alone in the sand”, she reports. Not feeling comfortable with your own body is an issue for many women. “I didn’t wear certain clothes because they made me feel very awkward. My self-esteem was down. I always felt uncomfortable when I looked in the mirror. It was bad,” explains Soraia.

This situation created problems in her relationship: “My husband said everything was fine, and I knew he was helping me, but I also felt ashamed toward him because of my cellulite,” she says. Soraia tried several other procedures, from Heccus and radiofrequency to enzyme and ozone treatments, but none worked. “A friend performed the GoldIncision method. I got interested and decided to do it too. Today I am delighted with the result”, she says. Before choosing this method, Soraia had consulted with a plastic surgeon to complain about the same situation, but she did not receive a pleasant response.

“He said that the guarantee of eliminating my cellulite would not come close to 100%, only 50 to 60%. So today, I thank you for not having opted for an invasive procedure that certainly would not leave me satisfied,” she explained. Her mother, Sandra, 70, says she cares about her body and does whatever it takes to keep her life healthy and beautiful. “The importance of taking care of my body is given by self-esteem, health, well-being, and vigour. I have a young mind, and therefore I like to be in good shape with my body,” she declared. According to her, cellulite always bothered her to the point of embarrassment when wearing a bikini.

“It also has an aggravating factor because when I was a little girl, I had a cyst on my right buttock, and it left me scared giving me a deep depression,” says Sandra, who had surgery that improved, although it was not satisfactory. “When my daughter had the procedure and liked it, she encouraged me to do it too. This gradually motivated me until I decided to carry out the method,” she said.

Soraia Cardoso also said that her relationship with her mother has always been very close, and she always encourages care for her mother to take care of herself. “I think we must take care of our mental, physical, and aesthetic health because then life flows lighter and more balanced. A person with low self-esteem misses out on the opportunity for a full life,” she declares. Regarding the procedures she had previously performed with unsatisfactory results, she commented: “The expenses were much higher than the costs of GoldIncision method, considering that I been in treatments over 11 years and without a proper solution.”

Soraia also says her experience can serve as a mirror for other people: “It is worth mentioning so the women who go through this struggle can know that now they have a real solution”, she concluded.


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