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Motive Behind UTAG’s Strike Action Revealed


In a document circulated by the UTAG UEW secretary on 12th September 2017, it is lamely stated that, the Acting VC is going to trigger a clause in one of UEW’s statutes, to dismiss lecturers taking part in UTAG’s so-called total strike action. This buffoonish misinformation, that only exists in the figment of imagination of the originator.

The Acting VC of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful Broni, is law abiding. This can be seen from the fact that, he is constitutionally carrying out a lawful order of the third highest court of the land, and to some extent, the court with the most wide ranging powers, surpassed only by the Supreme Court. Failure by Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful Broni to carry out the functions of the VC of UEW, as directed by the High Court, constitutes contempt of court.

Anyway, it is not surprising that, UTAG UEW is circulating such vile, unsubstantiated and propagandists statements. To borrow the words of the current UEW governing council Chairman, Prof. E. N. Abakah, that they are “absolute cock and bull stories”. It is outright falsehood UTAG UEW is peddling! May The Good Lord forgive them!

It is only those whose judgment is purely based on the monetary or other rewards, received, or promised by some state funds looters, who fail to see and acknowledge the wide ranging powers of the judiciary.
For example, the judiciary has no hand in the admission of students to educational institutions in Ghana, but can make, or unmake a student. Recently, the University of Cape Coast rusticated some students, but the judiciary overturned that decision, and the said students took part in an ongoing examination at that time, without any hindrance.
Furthermore, as a result of the disputed presidential elections of 2012, the judiciary decided the President for this country.
If the judiciary can make or unmake a President, then rationally and realistically speaking, why can’t the judiciary make or unmake a Vice Chancellor of a public or private university?

If anyone has a problem with the constitutional appointment of Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful Broni as the Acting VC of UEW, they should go to court and seek redress.
It doesn’t have to be the UEW lawyer leading the frontline. If the 1992 Constitution gives an akpeteshie seller the right to sue UEW, then what kind of education do those individuals spewing out that garbage have? Surely, if an akpeteshie seller has the common sense to take a matter to court, and not unintellectually declare a strike, not to sell akpeteshie anymore, then what stops so-called PhD holders, to have done better, or at least, be at the level of the akpeteshie seller?

In the strike action declared by the executives of UTAG UEW, on the 14th of July, 2017, it was a “total strike”, in the words of the local union executives.
However, in the latest press release by the so-called National Executive Committee (NEC), of UTAG, it urged UTAG UEW “to continue with the strike action embarked upon on July 14, 2017 following a court order instructing the substantive Vice Chancellor to step aside”. Simply put, to continue with the total strike.

This is the funny part of the diabolic meanderings of the shenanigans.
The latest press release by UTAG dated 13th September 2017, stated that, “NEC further directs that UTAG members in all the other public Universities throughout the country should withdraw their teaching services beginning Monday, September 18, 2017 in solidarity with UTAG-UEW”.
Seen the contradiction above? July 14th 2017 strike declaration, called for a total strike, whilst the 13th September 2017, strike declaration, called for the withdrawal of only teaching services.
This is disingenuity at the highest level. Because some of us bashed some of the executives of UTAG UEW, for declaring a total strike, but sneaks into committee meetings to claim sitting allowances and other perks, NEC thinks they are clever. You declared a total strike from the start, and so it must be!

Anyway, even within UEW, Kumasi and Mampong, have seen the unreasonableness in that one man unilateral strike declaration outside the Winneba High Court, on July 14th 2017, which was done without consulting the membership of UTAG UEW, and up to date, the UTAG UEW President, has resisted every call for a resolution to be taken on his declaration of strike.

UEW started lectures on Monday, 11th September, 2017, and lectures are proceeding without any hindrance. The media should endeavour to visit any UEW campus and report on actual happenings on the ground, for the whole world to know that, UTAG UEW, is composed of discerning and high caliber intellectuals, who as law abiding citizens, are constitutionally respecting the High Court’s decision, and patriotically carrying out their duties, per their terms of engagement.

Finally, I leave readers with the attached two (2) documents, stating the payment of a so-called honorarium to some officials of UEW. The two supposed principal officers, unilaterally created this avenue to serve as a conduit to loot and share UEW funds, whilst the institution lacks basic lecture halls, students halls of residence, and slave claim rates imposed on UEW staff by the supposed owner of UEW, who thankfully, to the Almighty God, is legally out of UEW, to enable the poor ordinary Ghanaian, breath a sigh of relief.

UEW is a public institution, and NOT a private company to warrant the payment of bonuses to a selected few. The defunct governing council did not authorise the initial 3% honorarium payment. To fleece the poor ordinary Ghanaian further, this was unilaterally increased to 5%, in June 2017, when UEW had no governing council.
This is just a tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more revelations.

These are some of the reasons why some UTAG executive members, have been compromised, to declare unilateral strikes, and spew out imbecile-like mutterings in the media.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of a peasant farmer)

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