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Motor Riders Association Asks Government to Legalise Their Business

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The National Motor Riders Association of Ghana has called upon the government to legalise their operations, emphasising their commitment to road safety and responsible riding.

Founded in 2013 amid economic challenges, the association has since evolved into a formidable advocate for motorcyclists’ rights and welfare across Ghana.

Despite facing initial political obstacles, the union has persevered, crafting a guiding constitution and electing dedicated leaders to champion their cause.

Sensitisation exercise 

Speaking during a gala games and sensitisation exercise at the El-Wak Sports Stadium, the Public Relations Officer of the National Motor Riders Association of Ghana, Setsoafia Quarshie Pascal, highlighted the crucial role motorcyclists play in society.

He debunked stereotypes and showcased their contributions as responsible citizens. “We are more than just riders; we are a force for positive change,” he noted. 

Stakeholders engagement 

The association, according to him, has actively engaged with key stakeholders, including the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the National Road Safety Authority, among others to promote safer riding practices and reduce road accidents.

Quarshie Pascal indicated that recent collaborations with law enforcement, notably with Dr. George Dampare, the Inspector General of Police, have resulted in constructive dialogues aimed at upholding traffic regulations and ensuring road safety.

“We have had quite a number of stakeholder engagements, and that of the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, was fruitful. I believe the time has come for the government to hear our plea and legalise our operations,” he appealed.

Critical safety messages

He added that as the association hosts the Gala Game, an event fusing entertainment with critical safety messages, they intend to ensure that members are law-abiding citizens.

Setsoafia Quarshie further emphasised the importance of education and awareness among all motorcyclists.

“I must indicate that by instilling a culture of responsibility, we can create an environment where every rider thrives safely and responsibly. This is what we do for a living, and we cannot be oblivious to recklessness and safety precautions, he stressed.

He indicated that the National Motor Riders Association of Ghana remains dedicated to partnering with authorities and stakeholders to secure legal recognition.

“We envision a future where accidents are minimised and the dignity of every motorcyclist is upheld. With our plea, the association hopes to pave the way for a safer and more inclusive road environment. We acknowledge the importance of recognising and empowering motorcyclists across the nation, he stated.

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