Mozambique national park grows , to protect biodiversity, promote development


Mozambique exported eight tons of coffee, produced by its largest conservation area, the Gorongosa National Park, to the United States, Britain, and Portugal in the first quarter of 2021, Radio Mozambique (RM) reported on Friday.

Coffee production of is part of the park’s project, which started in 2017, to protect biodiversity and promote local socio-economic development, park administrator Pedro Muagura told RM.

“One of the biggest attractions of the coffee we produce is its history. We are producing to save the environment, and this makes us different. Our coffee is increasing in terms of production and processing, and we have positive prospects,” the national radio quoted Muagura as saying.

Interest from the local population in the coffee production project has been increasing, and profits are being used to support local communities and protect wildlife, according to the report.

“In two years, the number of families involved in the initiative increased from 300 to 800, and the area under cultivation was tripled, settling at 200 hectares,” the administrator said.

On its official web page, the park says its coffee “blends feature Gorongosa Green, the first coffee ever exported from Mozambique grown to restore the rainforests of Mount Gorongosa.” Enditem


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