Renamo spokesman Antonio Muchanga told dpa that the party welcomed the agreement announced Wednesday, describing it as a key step towards a peace deal that could be wrapped up even before the November deadline set by negotiators.

A peace commission including government and Renamo representatives agreed to set up a sub-commission to draft constitutional changes that will increase the powers of provincial governments, according to a statement Wednesday, a move viewed as a concession to.

Political analyst Fernando Lima said he expected the constitutional changes to increase decentralization and create conditions for peace.

The enmity between Renamo and the ruling Frelimo party dates back to the 1977-92 civil war. A 1992 peace deal turned Renamo into the main opposition party, but the party relaunched hostilities in 2013, accusing Frelimo of excluding the opposition from power structures and from the economy of the country rich in gas and coal reserves.

The 2014 elections were due to restore peace, but Renamo accused Frelimo of fraud and demanded to govern six provinces in which it claims to have won a majority.

New attacks and clashes erupted in the north and centre of the country, with one estimate, based on media reports, putting the number of people killed at a minimum of 1,000 since October 2015.

International mediators have brokered the peace talks, including the European Union, the Catholic Church, South Africa and Botswana.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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