Mozambique to curb dangerous driving behavior with sterner measures


The Mozambican Ministry of Transport and Communications has called for the immediate imprisonment of drivers deemed responsible for road accidents that result in one or more deaths, following a wave of tragedies along the main north-south highway, state news agency AIM reported Friday.

The measure, with immediate effect, applies to the cases of irregular overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol, or driving at 20 km an hour above the speed limit, the report said, citing the ministry’s spokesperson, Ambrosio Sitoe.

Other measures include the seizure of any vehicle identification document believed to be counterfeit or showing signs of tampering, the spokesperson told a press conference on combatting traffic accidents Thursday in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

“In addition to the suspension of the driving license for offenders who commit medium and serious offenses and the seizure of the identification document of any vehicle found to be circulating without the required safety conditions, the measures also include the immediate reintroduction of the alcohol test for driving and zero tolerance for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” Sitoe said.

Under the proposal, the spokesman said, drivers deemed responsible for accidents will be obliged “to repair the damage caused to public property and infrastructure, namely buildings, lamp posts, bridges, among others,” according to the report.

Other measures include the intensification of road traffic (law) enforcement at the points of the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents and the enhanced coordination of anti-corruption investigators with the road inspection brigades. The revision of the Highway Code and other road transport regulations is underway, which aims at imposing heavier penalties for traffic violations, as well as reorganizing the licensing of transport activities, according to Sitoe.

“The ministry calls on all stakeholders in mobility to strictly comply with the rules of driving and reiterates that it will be relentless in holding offenders accountable to prevent further bloodshed on our roads,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

During the first six months of 2022, there were 494 traffic accidents on Mozambican roads, which resulted in 434 deaths and 973 injuries. Enditem

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