Teacher Support
Teacher Support

Madam Angela Tay, Afadzato South Member of Parliament (MP) has rewarded selected basic school teachers in her Constituency for their dedication to service.

A total of 30 teachers serving in difficult to reach areas in the Afadjato South District, recieved a refrigerator and a half piece of cloth in addition to a certificate of recognition at a stakeholder’s forum at Have.

Madam Tay, during the presentation said lack of teacher commitment was to blame for the unavailability of teachers in remote areas in the District and called for change of attitude.

She said that situation was affecting education negatively and asked teachers to develop and demonstrate love for people in remote areas and serve them.

“The Afadzato South District scored almost zero in the recent examination. The embarrassment seriously gives me sleepless nights and I have been thinking about how all of us as stakeholders in education could put our shoulders to the wheel and make the performance of our students improve again”, Madam Tay said.

The MP promised to provide the necessary resources for improving education, and called on stakeholders including; parents and traditional authorities to work “hand in hand” to improve academic performance at the basic level.

She further pledged to support initiatives towards addressing teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, indiscipline and other factors strangling education in the District.

Madam Tay said her office had introduced the “Assessment for Improving Leaning” programme, and also created reading clubs, all of which were helping improve literacy rate in the District.

Millicent Ahiati, a teenage mother in Junior High School won an essay competition organised as part of the literacy improvement programmes and was awarded a laptop computer sponsored by an individual in the United States of America, while the MP awarded her an educational scholarship.

The MP also provided Junior High Schools in the District with text books to help prepare students for their final examinations.

Mr Wisdom Seneadza, Afadjato South District Chief Executive lamented the low standards in education in the area and said findings revealed that teenage pregnancy contributed a lot and a good number of parents were teenagers and could instil discipline in their wards or support them to learn.

He called on stakeholders to “place value on education, and synchronise efforts and programmes” towards improving the outcomes, pledging the Assembly’s support for the literacy improvement programmes.

The DCE said the Assembly would support supervision to motivate teachers to ensure delivery.

Togbega Adanu Sakrafo X, Paramount Chief of Goviefe Traditional Area expressed worry over the decline in girl-child education and cautioned parents against neglecting their responsibilities.



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