Mpohor Constituents Preparing to Demonstrate Against the Government

Akufo Addo
Akufo Addo

The Mpohor constituency prides itself on having one of the past illustrious pillars of NPP – Stephen Kraikue, who is also a founding member of the Party.

But it appears the sacrifices made by the selfless Stephen Kraikue for the formation of the New Patriotic Party had been swept under the carpet by today’s NPP government. History is on the side of the Mpohor constituency. When it became difficult to organize political activities in Ghana, it took the boldness of Stephen Kraikue to offer his residence for holding meetings. These meetings gave birth to the NPP, and today, Stephen Krakue will be turning in his grave, doubtful of such neglect.

With all these life-threatening sacrifices having been made, it is a big shame, that Stephen Krakue’s is still underdeveloped, with bad roads, and poor infrastructure. To think that Stephen Krakue’s legacy will be remembered and honored accordingly had remained a mirage. His death had also ended the much-needed development in his constituency of Mpohor.

Infrastructure deficit, precisely very poor road is what has become an albatross around the neck of the people as the government continues to fail them.

It would be recalled that on the 10th of June, 2018, there was sod-cutting for construction work to begin on the Kejebir-Mpohor-Adum Banso road, however, four years down the line, the story remains the same with no end to the people’s suffering.

*”Cry a beloved Constituency”*

The constituents still cannot fathom why after four years and still counting, just a 20 km bad road had not been reconstructed. The President of Ghana once assured constituents that the road will be completed in eighteen months, but it is informative to say that the road is still in a deplorable state.

Plying this bad road is a nightmare, and when it rains it becomes a death trap. On shiny days, the road becomes dusty, and people are exposed to coughing as pulmonary diseases increase. Asthmatic attacks are on the increase too.

Are the constituents of Mpohor still part of Ghana? Does the government still think about them and had kept its promise? No.

The truth is that no one joins a political party for the heck of it. This is just not right as the people prepare to react by showing their displeasure.

The deception and fabrication of stories associated with this bad road have rendered the Mpohor constituency hapless. It is even recalled that the Roads and Highways Minister, Kwasi Amoako Attah was on a Western Regional tour on the 12th of January 2022, when he made the pronouncement that the road will be completed in August 2022. Government officials must drive through the road and report back to the President. The story of unfulfilled promises continues, and agitations are growing in the Mpohor constituency.

Nothing convincing has been done on the Mpohor stretch of the road, and that suggests a continuation of deception with no end in sight.

News trickling in from the grapevine is disturbing, of how the youths are mobilizing themselves to demonstrate against the government and deception.

They have vowed to call a spade by its name, and name those who came to the Mpohor constituency to trick them into believing untruths as people continue to die through dust and pulmonary diseases.

They have sent the strongest signal, that they will not vote again until their major concern on the bad road is addressed. Until that day, the youths have decided to put their destiny into their own hands and act in the interest of their people, saying “enough is enough” with the current government.

“We are prepared to die, and whether it rains or shines, we will demonstrate against the government”, one of the youth leaders recently told the media.

Communist: Abeiku Cobbinah

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