Mr William Doworkpor, a leading member of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), said when voted into power a PPP government would ensure a clear and effective separation of powers between the executive and the legislature.

Speaking at a seminar on Tuesday organized by Legon Hall of the University of Ghana, he said the PPP would stop situations where there had been interferences in the work of each other by changing the constitutional provision which says members of parliament could become ministers of state.

Under PPP regime, he said members of Parliament would not be assigned ministerial appointments.

The seminar, which was part of the Legon Hall?s 60th anniversary ceremony, was held under the theme: ?Legon Hall at Sixty: Contribution to National Development?.

He said the days when the legislature, which is mostly made up of people in the executive arm of government, should be a thing of the past as it was not healthy for them to initiate bills and then come to parliament to defend them.

He said the PPP would also work to separate the Attorney-General?s Department from the Ministry of Justice in order to avoid conflict of interest.

Again, Mr Doworpkor said the PPP would boost energy generation or electricity production in the country since it was the bedrock of every business entity.

He noted that it would not be wise for industries to waste so much money on buying fuel for their plants or generators when the country could improve upon its energy generation capacity.

Mr Doworkpor said the PPP would create the enabling environment for businesses to thrive in order to create employment for the youth.

He intimated that the PPP would devise policies that would ensure that Ghana was transformed from a middle income country to a high income country within a decade.

Nana Kofi Oppong-Damoah, Communications? team member, New Patriotic Party (NPP), said the NPP would review the university education curriculum to ensure that those who come out of our universities were products needed by our industries.

He said the NPP would also ensure Ghana became an industrialized nation by adding value to raw materials produced in the country.

From: Ghana l GNA


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