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MTN Ghana’s CIO Urges AI Adoption for Business Growth

Bernard Acquah
Bernard Acquah

Chief Information Officer at MTN Ghana, Bernard Acquah has underscored the need for integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business operations to bolster efficiency and seize growth prospects.

He highlighted AI’s potential to uncover untapped opportunities, enhance decision-making, and improve customer focus.

Speaking at the MTN CTIO Roundtable Africa Forum in Accra, Acquah stressed the importance of embracing AI to navigate the fast-paced business landscape effectively.

Acquah emphasized that AI complements human capabilities, facilitating faster and more accurate task execution while unveiling insights humans might overlook.

Acquah dispelled concerns about job displacement, asserting that AI aims to enrich lives and elevate engagement in meaningful activities.

He underscored the collaborative nature of AI-human interaction, emphasizing its role in augmenting skills and boosting productivity.

Encouraging businesses to start small with AI adoption, Acquah advised securing organizational support and educating teams on AI’s potential benefits. He recommended leveraging tools like chatbots and aids to initiate the AI journey effectively.

Angela Mensah, Chief Enterprise Officer at MTN Ghana, echoed Acquah’s sentiments, emphasizing data and AI’s pivotal role in driving business value.

She emphasized MTN Ghana’s commitment to shaping Africa’s technological landscape and fostering collaboration to address continent-specific challenges effectively.

Mensah highlighted the forum’s broader focus on optimizing processes and creating African-centric solutions tailored to the continent’s unique needs.

She emphasized businesses’ responsibility to drive transformation beyond technology, underscoring the broader impact of their initiatives.

Source: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/newsghana.com.gh

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