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Muntaka slams Western Countries for forcing Africans to accept LGBT+


Member of Parliament for the Asawase Constituency, Muntaka Mubarak, has criticized Western countries for pressuring Africa to legalize LGBT activities.

During a parliamentary debate, he expressed his satisfaction that some African countries, like Uganda, have passed Anti-LGBT bills. He pointed out that amidst challenges like malaria, the introduction of LGBT-related health implications raises concerns about effective management.

Muntaka Mubarak questioned the inconsistency in Western countries and America’s approach towards Saudi Arabia’s stance on LGBT+ activities. He pondered whether economic interests, particularly related to oil, play a role in this divergence. In Saudi Arabia, severe punishments, even death, await those engaged in such acts, highlighting a stark contrast.

“We value our culture and are willing to endure challenges, but we remain steadfast. The repercussions will impact some individuals,” Muntaka Mubarak affirmed.

France declined to share data about the effects of LGBT activities, emphasizing the significant health implications associated with such actions. Muntaka Mubarak expressed concern that those who advocate for these activities should consider the potential consequences.

The perplexing aspect for Muntaka Mubarak lies in the involvement of Europeans and Americans in African affairs.

He questioned their selective approach, especially when juxtaposed with their treatment of Saudi Arabia. He suggested that the economic interests in Saudi Arabia might be a reason for the differing attitudes, highlighting the stringent measures enforced against those participating in such acts, which fosters unity in that society.

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