Muslim In Kekeli Community Congratulates For A Successful Ramadan Fasting


The leadership of Kekeli Muslim Community, an Islamic group that propagates Islam teachings has congratulated Muslims across the globe for a successful 2022 Ramadan Fasting.

They also called on Muslims to continue to exhibit the beautiful moral character adopted during the Ramadan and after the fasting and appealed for support towards a fruitful Eid Feast for their new converts, predominantly in the Volta Region.

A press release signed by Sheikh Asass Ali Abass, the Director of the Kekeli Muslim Community and copied to the Ghana News Agency prayed to Allah (almighty God) to provide Ghana with endless peace.

It said Allah should grant the leadership of Ghana with wisdom to continue to govern the country for development. “We pray for peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians and other faiths in this country for together we build a prosperous nation. May Allah accept our sawm, dua, salat and charitable deeds. Ameen”

The Eidul Fitr is the festival in which Muslims all over the world celebrate the end of Ramadan Fasting and reflect on its benefits such as self-discipline and consciousness, increased devotion, abstinence from wrongful acts, among others, and hope to emulate the benefits afterwards.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is the fourth pillar of Islam, where every sane person is expected to abstain from personal desires such as food, water, matrimonial intimacy among others from the dawn to sunset.

It should be noted that only Allah (almighty God) knows the reward His servant receives for adhering to His clarion directive.

The Holy month of Ramadan serves as a reformation period for mankind to absolutely submit his entire live to the worshiping of only Allah (almighty God).

This is where sinful persons distance themselves from the unacceptable acts like smoking, taking in of alcohol, promiscuous intimacy relationship and among others instead, giving in charity to the needy that manifest during sahoor and iftar, and supplications to Allah for expiation of sins are highly encouraged.

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