The workshop on the theme, “Transforming the Muslim Woman through ‘dawah’” was aimed at providing and equipping the women with the requisite knowledge needed to increase their faith and awareness on issues pertaining to women in Islam,


Sheikh Abdul Nasir Deen, Chief Executive Officer, Paragon Foundation, said ‘dawah’ has to do with having the right information about Islam and being able to transfer it onto to others to impact their lives.

He said for one to be able to do effective ‘dawah’ one needs to have the knowledge , information, must have a classified target as well as a methodology to be able to do so.

He said the behavior of every Muslim constitutes 58 percent of ‘dawah’ and urged the women to try as much as possible to let their behaviour and attitude tell more about their religion than what they preach to others.

Sheikh Nasir Deen said there are six types of ‘dawah’ for every Muslim woman, including self-directed ‘dawah’, husband directed ‘dawah’, family directed ‘dawah’, community directed ‘dawah’, nation directed ‘dawah’ and global directed ‘dawah’, adding that skipping any of the types means the woman would not achieve her aim.

He urged participants to adopt what they learnt during the period and try to impact it on themselves, their families and societies for the development of the Muslim community.

Dr Sheihk Amin Bonsu, National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission, said the workshop was to empower the women about the true teaching of Islam so that they would be able to transform the lives of the family and community.

He said women are the keepers of the Islamic home and efforts must be made to equip them with the knowledge and skills to be able to develop their homes islamically for the benefit of the Muslim community.

He congratulated the leadership of the women’s fellowship for the initiative and urged them to keep on being committed to the work of Allah.

Hajia Mariama Obeng, National Chairperson GMMWF, said the workshop is a demonstration of the mission’s effort to assist its women to play key roles in the struggle for the advancement of the women in the mission and Islam in general.

She said Islam guarantees the woman all the rights she needs to live a life of fulfillment and happiness, and the right to the acquisition of knowledge which is incumbent on every Muslim.

“We as Muslims, therefore, recognize the importance of holding this workshop for our women”, she said.

Hajia Obeng said the theme for the workshop was very appropriate since there existed no middle ground between progress and backwardness.

She urged participants to critically examine the knowledge acquired and how best they can impact it positively onto members of the fellowship, other Muslims and the general public.

Some of the topics treated during the three day workshop included, ‘dawah’ methods, various types of ‘tawheed and shirk’ guidance and counseling and child upbringing, time management among others.

Source: GNA

By Hafsa Obeng, GNA


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