Nabilah Nagayi Sempala

Nabilah Nagayi Sempala

Kampala Woman Member of Parliament Nabilah Nagayi Sempala has vowed to keep her voice high despite suffering from broken limbs she sustained in a car collision last week.

Speaking at a rally organized by Activists for change (A4C) Wednesday afternoon in Kyengera, a Kampala   suburb, the female legislator said that her leg and arm are broken because of police brutality.

“They can break everything but my voice will still stand for the good of the people.

“It was brutal and planned by police, but my voice will still stand though my arm and leg are gone. I do not know for how long [to be in that state] but the struggle continues,” she remarked.

Displaying her bandaged arm and sprained ankle for all present at the rally to see, Ssempala added that, this time, their rally is not for high prices, but for the need to curb corruption and its leaders.

Ssempala added that the willingness of police to abuse the dignity of women and the level of violence meted against them are all evidence of a falling institution.

“We are committed and more resolved than ever before to stand up and speak loudly, and clearly against corruption, wastage of public resources, poor health and education services,” Ssempala added.

Ssempala was on her way from an A4C rally which had just ended at Wankulukuku play ground in Rubaga Division Friday last week before her car collided with a police mobile van that left her arm and leg broken.

The police car was part of the police cars escorting Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) outgoing party president, Col. Kizza Besigye to his home to clear supporters in a procession to ease traffic flow.

By Simon Masaba, The New Vision



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