My Humble Appeal to Ex-Prez Mahama- Adu


It is with utmost pain that I write this post. I’m actually hurting inside so badly, that as a nation we are gradually losing our sense of decorum on matters relating to good governance and best practices.

We have so soon developed a group of tyrants on new media (social media), which we use to terrorize and hoodwink the governance structure of our nation.
Otherwise why will a joint- transitional team be constituted by an outgoing and an incoming government as stipulated by the transitional act, and then their decisions will be so undermined and pressured by a few incessant tyrants on social media seeking to break the resolve of leaders that we have chosen as a nation to take decisions on our behalf.

On authority, I am aware that this issue of Ex-President Mahama’s bungalow has been thoroughly discussed by the joint transitional team and understanding reached to get on with the process of regularizing the pact, only for documents to be deliberately leaked in a bid to obliterate the dominance of discussions on the FEAST OF PLAGIARISM saga.

Of course the promoters have succeeded in dimming the issue but as to how much damage it has caused this nation, only posterity will determine.
Ghanaians should tell us what role JDM played in the writing of the inaugural speech for NADAA to warrant such an embarrassment? Why should “good faith” be sacrificed on the alter of expediency and malice?

Its really shameful that some individuals who themselves covet the positions of national leadership but cannot hide their hatred for a certain group called the NDC and for that matter any issue relating to them must be bastardized to reflect a negativity.

I will at this juncture in all humility and humbleness, implore my former boss President John D. Mahama to withdraw the said letter seeking his continuous residency at the Cantonment Property. If the members of the NPP side of the transitional team have all gone quiet for this issue to assume this dimension of ” bad faith”, then I really suggest we look elsewhere in finding an accommodation for you Sir.

For all the myriads of your achievements for this nation and the sacrifices you made during your tenure of service as president, if Ghanaians can’t reward you with a state property for you and your family to live in, then I guess we have a long way to go in finding people to respect and implement our own statutes and laid down procedures. This only tells me that all the beautiful words that were showered on you in the inaugural speech were all for the admiration of the visiting dignitaries and now that they have left to their respective countries, we are smelling the real scent of the coffee they have prepared for you and your team.

KINDLY LET IT GO SIR, their agenda is to wither the enviable and indelible record of your tenure as president and make you appear as a greedy person to cement their campaign message of your government being corrupt, let’s not fall for this bait with all due respect Sir.


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