My Life Is In Danger – A Social Activist Cries For Help

Igp Dampare
IGP Dampare

A 44 -year-old political activist and a youth leader Michael Ntsiful has for the second time made claims of continues political harassment and intimidation by some persons, suspected to be state security officials, over his person over his alleged frequent punches at government and its policies.

Michael says, he has been receiving strange and unusual phone calls, threatening his life, a situation according to him is making him insecure in his own country.

He has for the past years been a critic of the present government and its policies, the most recent being the passage of the e-levy and frequent shortage of water in most communities in the country.

On November 11,2021, Michael complained of an alleged attack and raid of his residence in Accra by suspected party activist of the ruling government. A week after the attack on his residence, his car was also allegedly attacked by same party thugs on his way from his village at about 7pm, which nearly took his life, his crime was that, he had gone to his village and surrounding communities for an advocacy programme, where in his view, told them not to accept the implementation of the e-levy because it will bring more hardship to the people.

He says he made reference to the fact that, government has failed in its promises to the people therefore, the purpose for the e-levy according to the government is another means to deceive the people hence people should demand accountability even if the policy should be accepted. These comments he believed provoked the government to the extent that gun shots were fired by an unknown person at a nearby community just to disrupt his community engagement programme on that occasion.

Michael believes, the attacks by state security on his person and that of party hooligans are becoming way too many hence his call for protection.

According to him, he does not have confidence in the police to protect him because of the suspension that same police men in connivance with some party boys, are after his life.

He further disclosed that, on one of such occasions, he received a phone call one early Saturday morning at about 4:1t5am of an alleged threat of kidnap and disappearance the next time he made those pronouncements on government policies.

He said on one of such occasions, the alleged persons introduced themselves as National Security Officers, stationed at the Jubilee House, the seat of government, who allegedly said to him e careful on your utterances, we are monitoring you. Your comments and pronouncements are very offensive, and critical with the purpose of making government unpopular. You may not be lucky next time.”

These and many other threats according to Michael could cause his life and that of his relatives if care is not taken. He has therefore decided to take cover until such a time that he feels the political environment is safe for his return.

Michael is among the many other persons including civil society groups, Journalists and political opponents of the current government, who are being attacked and politically harassed for being critical of government.

Many have expressed opinion that it appears Ghana is going backward to the era of culture of silence and human rights abuses that existed many years ago before the fourth Republican Constitution. He therefore calls on the international community to advise the Ghana government to stop harassing innocent citizens for merely expressing their opinions on national issues in a manner that may not go down well with them.

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