My Warmest Appreciation to the Mother Policewoman

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Dear Sergeant Martha


Finally the judge has hit his gavel on the table and handed me 30 years of imprisonment each on the robbery charges and sentence to death by hanging on the murder charges too. I was so relieved and happy that finally my fate and that of my gangs were determined after 2 years of continuous detentions in the police custody. I know I have committed heinous crimes than the sentences passed on me considering the number of people I have sent to their early graves in the name of robbery and other violent crimes. It’s only God who can forgive me the crimes I have committed but not humans.

I decided to send you this letter to show my appreciation for all that you did for me and how I also returned your kindness by preventing several attempts and plots to have your jail or cells broken whilst I was under detentions in the police custody. Sometimes the way the police handle criminals make them sober, humble and also to reflect a lot on their past lives, and other times too very violent, aggressive and always want ways and means to escape from lawful custody. I guess every police officer and his or her style of handling criminals but yours was full of compassion and seems to understand every situation that we found ourselves in.

I believed you noticed the constant fights between I and some of the prisoners detained in your cells then? They made several attempts to escape but I also placed my life on line for you due to how you treated me in particular whilst I was in your cells. At least that is one last good thing I could do for a good policewoman after killing a good number of them and other good people for nothing. I have since regretted killings those police officers I killed but I didn’t know that some of them can have compassion towards criminals like how you treated other prisoners and I in particular. I have been told that our last encounter with the police that led to my capture and arrest, one of your colleagues was killed and I have been crying over it anytime I reflect on my past life and how kind another police officer has been to me when finally I was caught by the long arm of the law.

Some police officers indeed really handled us like criminals by insulting us, beating us and even spitting on us. I didn”t care about that after all we deserve all the treatments we were receiving from them because we are criminals and that is how criminals are supposed to be treated actually but rather what I cared about is how you kindly handled us and spoke to us to change from our bad ways if by chance we should come out from the cells and escape the imprisonment. I personally knew I will not come back again so I didn’t bother much about freedom.

As for your other colleagues, anytime they come on duty it’s like the devil himself has come on duty but you demonstrated compassion towards every prisoner detained in the cells with wise counsels. You were always chasing the CID men to send us to court on time. In fact, if some of us had met you earlier, there was no way we could have become criminals considered how you cared for us. You constantly told your colleagues that no matter what has happened, we are still humans.

In all these 2 years of my life in police custody under detentions, I reflected a lot and didn’t want to go back to the same society that I caused a lot of havoc and wreckage on innocent people again because of what you were constantly telling me. Somehow and by fate I was glad that I was captured after years of robberies, killings of innocent people and raping of uncountable women. At last I felt the police have forced me to lead a responsible and humble life which is free from crimes and hard drugs so I was really at peace with myself whilst in police custody. It was a wrong choice I made and you gave me peace and opportunity to reflect on my bad ways and regretted a lot. I could have actually resisted the temptations of choosing a criminal life if there are actually many of your kind in society.

I don’t know how the police managed to arrest me that fateful Wednesday night. I guess it will remain one of mysteries of my life till I leave this earth particularly now that I have been arrested and more also sentenced to death by hanging. It could also be that my cup of iniquities was just full but whatever it was that night, the police were very unusual and above human strengths and more of supper human than the ordinary. That night we had performed all our fortification rituals and given assurances by the priest of our grand occult that our mission will be fulfilled, target achieved and operations successful so when I woke up the following day in police cells with gunshot wounds, I didn”t believe how the impossible became possible. I still can’t figure it out how come that I was captured and arrested but what really matters is that, I am very at peace with myself.

How did I become a hardened criminal? I grew up only to realise that I was staying with my uncle whom I thought was my father and the wife, my mother but how I was treated made me to realise that I am actually different from the rest of children at home. My uncle himself liked me a lot and gave me all the best treatments I deserve since he and my mother were said to be twins but the wife hated me so much and I didn”t know why even though I was told she was a good friend to my mother and through that my uncle got to know her and later married her. I was told my parents died when I was about 1 year old so I don’t know much about them.

Despite all the slavery treatments that my uncle’s wife gave me, I managed to pass my SSCE with good grades and gained admission to university to study economics. It was during my second year at the university that my fate twisted and I became a criminal. My uncle died unexpectedly and my education truncated even though he left behind enough money that could have taken care of my education and even establish me as a business man but the wife took everything and drove me out of the house to the streets.

It was on the streets that I embraced crime as means of survival with hopes that I will repent from my crimes when I am able to gather small money to cater for myself but little did I know that I would get addicted to crime and its related vices.I remember the first day I was made to smoke marijuana. I coughed the whole day and saw images as if I am being chased by some people. I graduated from marijuana to cocaine and other hard drugs. Soon I started to kill people with no regrets. In fact one point in time, I was just killing people for the fun of it. Soon I graduated from one occult grand level to another and formed my own robbery gangs. I became the master of my world. I even started to kill those who introduced me to crime by constantly engaging in gun battle with them just gain control over my territory. With time, we extended our robbery activities to the neighbouring countries and caused a lot of pains to people.

I returned to my uncle’s house and had the wife raped severally before killing her and all the children for making a criminal instead of an economist that I have always wanted to be. I cannot remember the number of police officers we killed and took their rifles to beef up our armoury. I was actively involved in contract killings and responsible for the death of many other prominent people. A whole lot happened and I am finally glad that it has ended this way due to the interventions of the police. I may be a prisoner but my conscience is now free from guilts due to how you handled and talked to us whenever you came on duty.

There are quite a number of prisoners here who are praising you for all that you did for them too and that is how I came to realise that you are one exceptional among the police, women and human beings in general. For the first time I had a mother who cared so much for me after growing up to hate women due to how my uncle’s wife treated me hence the reasons why I raped a lot of them in return.

I was not born a criminal but human beings made me criminal. I had ambitions and aspirations too but here I am on death roll waiting for execution. There are so many out there who are also man made criminals because they were not born criminals. I pray they meet your type.

I am glad I found a mother in you.

Your criminal son

Eric (not the real name) died in prisons in 2001 and Sergeant Martha (also not real name) retired from the police in 2010. The day she showed me this letter from her prisoner son, she cried a lot. She told me how she kept on visiting Eric and other prisoners till he died. The day that Eric died she was the only person Eric had as a family member even though his uncle told him he had other siblings in their home town somewhere in Ashanti Region.

For Sergeant Martha, the letter she received from Eric is her greatest reward and achievements after 35 years of her life in the police.

A police officer is the one who touches life and changes criminals into a better human beings. Sergeant Martha herself also died in 2016.

Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III

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