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Mzbel’s ‘Asibolanga’ should be banned – Boga Ali Hashim


Ghanaian blogger, Boga Ali Hashim has vehemently condemned and advocated for the ban of Mzbel’s latest song titled ‘Asibolanga’.

According to the outspoken entertainment pundit, such a song is inappropriate for public consumption mostly the youth since it includes explicit messages and innuendos.

Boga Ali Hashim intimated the agencies in charge of regulating explicit material and songs on the traditional media to be up and running to ensure that such a song is banned.

He made this assertion in a facebook post, he wrote “So yesterday, I got the opportunity of listening to MzbeL ‘s new release ‘Asibolanga’ and I must say these without mincing words, the song should be banned asap by the appropriate quaters.

Let me say this, artistes should know that a song is much more than lyrics and melody. Songs and artists can influence people’s behavior and attitude, and being an artist carries a responsibility. In addition to this, music not only entertains, it also educates, and artists must be clear that their lyrics can transform the way that some people understand the society. Secondly, music is a very social medium, and certain music may be worrying in society because they spread a lot of sexist content in a massive way and often among the youngest people, who know them and sing its lyrics. Therefore, these songs cause the male population to assume that it is normal to act like the characters in one of these songs. In my opinion, you may like more or less the rhythm and the dance, but those lyrics no one should accept.

The core thing I see about the whole ‘Asibolanga’ song is merely to promote promiscuity and I feel that such a song is not fit for public consumption.

We have to rewrite the narrative and let our musicians know that they influence our society, as mentors, they are too many whatever they say or sing about goes right to the heart of their fans and the final consumers.

For these reasons, I am calling on the agency in charge of regulating explicit material to crack the whip in ensuring that the song is banned from the traditional space.

Also, I am humbly charging the industry people, the DJs, presenters and the gatekeepers to join forces with me on changing the status quo.

No to obscenity.”

Meanwhile, the song ‘Asibolanga’ since its release few days ago has received massive attention in both the traditional and digital space.

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