I heard that the Chairman of the Imo State University Governing Council and a senatorial aspirant? in Okigwe zone is inviting politicians, friends and others to the opening of an over-prized relaxation spot in my alma mater; Imo State University, Owerri.

Any donation towards the improvement of our infrastructure in that university is highly appreciated. What I do not understand is how this recreation center became more important than all the other infrastructure that the university seriously require.

Imo State University is still lacking some of the most important amenities required in a university; Students still learn under tree shades, there is no university clinic, science lecturers still demand money from students to purchase materials for their practicals, because the laboratories are grossly under-equipped, students still have to pay through their noses for accommodation, the mass communications studio is a laughing stock, the COOMASIE Arts Theatre is a simply a lecture hall, there is not a single theatre building on the campus. Enumerable infrastructural imbalances, yet, my pro-chancellor is building a relaxation center. This is a most insulting misplacement of priorities.

Now, let us talk about the quoted cost of that project. Mazi Clement Owunna used to have my respect. I once saw him as a satisfied man who will not have any business dipping his hands into public coffers, no matter the temptation. But, building a less than four rooms bungalow and planting flowers around the surroundings at 150 million Naira has got me confused. Is this not the same man I have read about his wealth and integrity? Or has he been corrupted by his association with corrupt politicians?

I can remember my recent interaction with the proprietor of a three star hotel in Owerri. He told me that it cost him around 150 million Naira to get his hotel working. That hotel is less than two years. How Mazi Clement Owunna came about the 150 Million Naira figure for that unnecessary relaxation spot has kept the tingles of anger and disappointment running over my system.
In everything, there must be a mixture of good and bad.

To Ndi Okigwe zone, I think they have been given a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the kind of representation which their son plans giving them at the Senate, when he gets there. If his position at the IMSU governing council is a test, he has scored an unusual F9.


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