The National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) on Wednesday organised a trainer of trainees educational campaign on disaster risk reduction for its staff in the various Sub-Metropolitan Areas in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

The 60 trainees are expected to educate the people on disaster risk reduction in the communities, schools and markets.
Dr Philip Gyau-Boakye, Member of Hydro Meteorological Technical Committee (HTC) said the training programme had become necessary due to the negative impact of disaster and fire outbreaks during the dry season.

He noted that with the advent of climate change, the effect of disasters could be catastrophic.

Dr Gyau-Boakye said with the erosion of about three metres of the country’s shoreline there is the probability of the country experiencing more floods.

He said the programme is to inculcate in the youth the effects of disaster and its prevention to nib the problem in the bud.

Mrs Sarah Adinku, Chairperson of HTC explained that disaster is a sudden or gradual event that cause damage, disruption of economic activities and patterns of life, which might require assistance outside the affected community.

She identified three phases of disaster management namely; pre-disaster, that is preparedness planning, emergency or crises and post emergency phases.

She emphasised that at the pre-disaster phase, the general state of preparedness involved planning, acquisition of relevant data and basic reference material, designing and equipping of emergency operating and casualty centres and earmarking of safe haven for relocation of victims.

The emergency phase is the provision of emergency shelter and protection of victims and evolving strategies for distribution of food, water, clothing and medical relief.

Women, children, the aged, sick, wounded and physically handicapped are given much attention.

Participants were sensitised on mutual, official and self helps; effects of flood, disaster preparedness, mitigation and response. GNA



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