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Naira Scarcity: Understanding El-rufai’s Rants Against Buhari

New Naira Notes
New Naira Notes

The folly of man is his inability to come to terms with the realities of his fatalistic nature and his falability. He often foolishly and stupidly conducts himself with such arrogant grandiose mien under the false impression of being in charge, while by his very nature he is created not to be in charge of the basic things that are his being.

These are things like the air he breathes, how long he will live, when he will die, where he will die, worst still, where and how he will be buried. Yet he subsumes himself as an exterminator and a determinator of the very elements determined by the Almighty.

You often hear them whisper “ATIKU WILL NEVER BE PRESDENT IN AS LONG AS WE LIVE”. In this assumed role of God, they contrived a satanic script consummated from the bottomless pit of hell – the abode of BELZABUB and called him all names that are unprintable and accused him of all manners of crime, without any shred or iota of evidence.

Their satanic objective is to create a perception that will serve their purpose. This they did without any conscience, not surprising because they are not honorable men. Everything that is politically and socially incorrect, they associate with Atiku.

They are so politically scared of him that they put up a narrative that is intended to permanently confine him to the abyss of political annihilation and therefore think they can stop whatever God has intended to make of him politically.

Their allegations are so preposterous that they blame him even when their wives have failed to conceive and bear forth offspring, despite several busy magnetic schedule in the other room.

Yes, they are the ones; Governor Nasir Ahmad El Rufai and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the two ingrates who have benefited tremendously from Atiku’s political generosity.

One was brought out of obscurity and made Director-General, Bureau of Public Enterprises and subsequently Minister of the Federal Capital Territory. This catapulted him into political limelights and now he prides himself as the “En fan Terrible” of Kaduna political space, where his words are laws.

With the monies he stole from the FCT when he was Minister, he went into Estate Development using Urban Shelter. With these stolen billions, he purchased the Gubernatorial seat in Kaduna and became its Governor where he steals public funds daily and deployed them to suppress the will of the Southern Kaduna people during the kaduna state local government elections and other elections.

Yes, it was he who destroyed the marriage of his bosom friend, took over the wife, made her his Chief of Staff and the Managing Director, Nigerian Ports Authority with a mandate to steal so much money from the organisation with the intention of acquiring and stashing enough stolen liquid that will be handy in the fulfilment of his future Presidential ambition.

Any wonder why he is shouting over the impending failure that awaits him and the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress? To the ordinary mind, El-rufai is fighting for justice with the right moral compass but where was this sense of justice when he unleashed political terror on Southern Kaduna?

The simple truth behind his more than the bereaved cries on naira scarcity and some policies of the Buhari administration is the hopelessness that has beclouded his anticipated buccaneering role in Tinubu’s Presidency as well as his ascendancy to power as President after Tinubu.

Such frustration have resulted to his barrage of criticisms against Buhari and his government. But is anyone surprised about his outbursts? A leopard can befriend other animals but can never change the spot on it’s skin. El-rufai is eternally married to political treacheries against his benefactors.

On the other hands, Tinubu has displayed his legendary political non-reliability to the man who saved him from political oblivion when against all odds; Atiku as Vice President persuaded President Obasanjo not to take Lagos State from him in 2003. It was Atiku that rescued Tinubu from the political tsunami that swept away the Alliance for Democracy controlled western states in 2003.

El-rufai after turning blind eyes to the killings in Southern Kaduna has suddenly become the advocate of the people simply because their boast of stopping Atiku from any political progress in life has failed.

A title strange in its contrition and ramifications which satisfies his gluttonic political appetite, preparatory for 2023 where it was dreamt that Buhari would be blackmailed and manipulated into allowing himself to be succeeded by Tinubu and El-rufai based on the notion that this will be achieved by a successfully contrived diabolic transition with the north putting up no resistance.

Gosh! how fallacious is man, when he has no God in his plans. Yes, God made Buhari the President of Nigeria against all odds. He alone did it even when Buhari had lost hope in himself and cried profusely at the International Conference Center and vowed not to run for Nigeria’s Presidency again.

So, no man can claim the glory of God by asserting that he made Buhari President, not even the bogus claims by some charlatans who pretended to have been the ones who made it possible.

To those who know, El-rufai’s cry is not about the naira scarcity but about his affront to God’s favour to him when he thinks that by attacking Atiku’s businesses, instigating APC government and sympathisers to threaten Atiku and members of his family to force him to retire from politics by subjecting him to several humiliating attacks in the media by agents of the state in order to give credence to their false narratives against him.

How unwise is man when he disregard God in his permutations? They hoarded the money meant for Nigerians while paralyzing Atiku’s businesses thinking they would use the accumulated war chest to buy votes come February 25th but God has shown that He does not share His glory with man.

God will surely disgrace the ungodly in his selfish permutations for power.

God bless Nigeria.

Ebiowei Dickson writes from Lagos

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