Nakeeyate charges countries to fight against climate catastrophe

Nakeeyate Dramani Sam
Nakeeyate Dramani Sam

Talented young awarding winning poet Nakeeyate Dramani Sam has charged countries across the globe to fight against climate catastrophe and set solutions to curb climate change.

Nakeeyate travelled to Egypt to participate in the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27), which started on Sunday, November 6 to Friday, November 18, 2022.

Nakeeyate, being a thematic ambassador for the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), was given the podium to address the conference on behalf of the youth and the 58 members of CVF.

In delivering her speech, Nakeeyate implored that the older generations owed the younger a duty to secure the world from the effects of climate change and that the payment is overdue

According to her, vulnerable countries would be able to change their narrative to prosperity if countries worked together to deal with climate problems.

She said, “there is no denying the fact that the theme spurs us on to take the bull by the horn, and as nations who reel under the scourge of climate change”.

“We shall certainly change the narrative from our vulnerable state to prosperity. But I must say, this can only materialise if we all as nations put all our commitments and efforts together to fight this canker called climate change.

“Undoubtedly, it is very apt for our respective Climate Prosperity Plans Programme to respond to this challenge by designing actionable investment and implementation pathways towards climate prosperity as evidenced in the guidelines.”

“It presents an opportunity to unlock new avenues for economic cooperation and innovative financing centred on ambitious and climate-smart targets,” she added.

Talking about suffering in Ghana due to flooding, bushfire and climatic changes, she held up a sign that said, “Payment Overdue.”

“I put a simple question on the table,” “When can you pay us back? Because payment is overdue,” she said.

Sam said her environmentalism began a few years ago with her love for trees, she then wrote a children’s book about trees in Ghana and has planted over 100 trees to date.

However, she called for action that every youth must plant a tree to help afforestation.

She encouraged the world to act decisively and speedily in favor of the climate action as the conference reached its’ final hours of negotiations.

Cop27 is to tackle on array of issues critical to tackling the climate emergencies from urgently reducing greenhouse gas releases, building resilience, and adapting to the unavoidable impacts of climate.

Nakeeyate won the 10th season of Talented Kidz on TV3 in 2019.

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