The Name Jesus Christ Came as a Deception of Lucifer!! Part I

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Who Jesus Really Was

There is no doubt that a Savior was sent from Heaven to Earth to deliver mankind from enslavement to sin and Lucifer. The Holy Scriptures repeatedly announced the Savior?s coming to Israel?the only nation that, Elohim, the Most High One, chose among all the nations of the Earth to make His will known for the good of all mankind?that a Savior would be born in Israel to save Israelites and all mankind from sin!



The Holy Scriptures further has all the details of the Savior?s thirty-four years life history?from date and place of birth, through childhood, teaching ministry, sacrificial death as the Lamb of Elohim sent to deal with the sin problem of mankind, to his resurrection from death and ascension back to Heaven?and so no one doubts the Savior?s coming to Earth!


Like all people born on Earth, the Savior was given a name. This was a Hebrew name because his ?parents? were Hebrew and all natives of the country of his birth spoke Hebrew! In fact, the Savior, while in Heaven, had this same Hebrew name given to him by his Father, long before his ?birth? on Earth!! Strange as it may seem for many people, the only language Elohim uses in Heaven and in all His dealings with mankind on Earth is Hebrew!!


The Hebrew name of the Savior was, therefore, the only name known by every angel in Heaven, and the only one recognized by Elohim for all transactions involving His Throne and the entire Universe, prior to and after the Savior?s coming to Earth!! Without this name nothing happens with Heaven?s involvement!! In fact, at the mention of this name, great and powerful things happen in Heaven, which also resonates throughout the Universe!


And so, just before the coming of the Savior to Earth, Elohim deemed it important and necessary in His scheme of things to have this Hebrew name, which He purposefully gave to His Son, made known to all inhabitants of Earth!


Elohim, therefore, sent an angel on two occasions?first to Yosef, the would-be foster father of His Son, and later to the Virgin Miryam, his would-be mother?purposely to announce this Hebrew name so that mankind, over the entire Earth and in its history, would, thereafter, never make a mistake to call him differently (cf. Matthew 1:21 & Luke 1:31)!!


This Hebrew name is ?YESHUA? which in English means ?SALVATION?. Thus, the Son of Elohim, deemed by Him as being the only one worthy and capable of saving mankind from Lucifer, was known and addressed by this Hebrew name throughout his life on Earth, by all people in Israel who came into contact with him!


Elohim also made known to mankind many titles He had given to His Son?all of which naturally were in the Hebrew tongue. One of such titles is ?HaMashiach?, meaning ?The Anointed One? in English. And so, the Savior was generally known as and called ?YESHUA HaMashiach?, as all Israel dealt and related with him.


After YESHUA HaMashiach died, resurrected, and ascended back to Heaven, his followers began to popularize this name, in their testimonies or witnessing about him, through their preaching of his doctrines, and by the healings and miracles which they did?all in this name, ?YESHUA HaMashiach?!


By the name YESHUA HaMashiach, salvation or redemption from sin and Lucifer came to mankind through the faith of the followers of YESHUA in preaching and using this name. At the mention of the name, YESHUA HaMashiach, by holy followers of the Savior, the power of Lucifer over mankind was broken as demons vacated the bodies of any people that they hitherto possessed!! Lucifer and his demons could not resist the power of the name YESHUA HaMashiach; they simply succumbed to it!!


This display of power in the name YESHUA HaMashiach started in the year 30 CE not long after the Savior?s ascension to Heaven, and continued into the early years of the fourth century. All that while, Lucifer, the craftiest counterfeiter in the Universe, masterminded and nurtured a subtle plan, with the intent of bringing to an end the success story of the name YESHUA HaMashiach!!


Lucifer capitalized on a number of situations prevailing at the time to advance his diabolical agenda. The main situation was the general rejection of YESHUA HaMashiach as Savior from Elohim by Jews, and their hostile attitude toward his followers and teachings. Another was the high populace of Gentiles accepting this name and expressing faith in it! And then, there was also the long held anti-Jewish sentiment by these same non-Israel nations.


Capitalizing on these factors, Lucifer tricked Gentile believers in the name?YESHUA HaMashiach?to change it so as to give the One they believed a Gentile personality and image, tailor-made, as it were, to fit into their own peculiar culture and free them from a so-called Jewish superiority complex!! It was as if to tell Jews that they loved their faith but hated their persons because of their perceived superiority complex over them, and so were making their compatriot Savior born to the world, their (Gentiles?) own since they (Israelites) would not receive him!!


First, Lucifer chose the Greek language, which was very popular among academicians and philosophers then?in which Greek culture, religion, and mythology were intrinsic?to translate the Hebrew Holy Scriptures.


This he did by getting it into the mind of some non-vigilant Gentile followers of YESHUA HaMashiach that such a translation would help popularize the Gospel message, or even make it more appealing, thus making it more accessible to many, and would thereby, speed up the conversion of non-Jewish people of the Earth to the Gospel!


Without hearing the Will of Elohim in this?whether it was permissible for any of His children to translate His Hebrew Holy Scriptures into other languages of the world?these non-vigilant followers of YESHUA HaMashiach fell to Lucifer?s bait of trickery by translating the Hebrew Holy Scriptures into Greek!


One can always trust Lucifer to seek to trick the good and loyal people of Elohim to do for him, his evil business against Him! Lucifer?s trickery of Eve in the Garden of Eden concerning the forbidden fruit, in being used as an instrument against the Will of Elohim, is a case in point.


Another trick was accomplished when between 280-170 BCE, Lucifer used as many as seventy Law-teachers of Israel to translate the Tanakh or the Old Covenant Hebrew Holy Scriptures into Greek without these teachers being told or assigned by Elohim to do so!


After Lucifer used these seventy leaders of Israel to do his bidding by translating the Hebrew Holy Scriptures into Greek, he was later to doctor them by further translating all Hebrew names, titles, some landmarks, etc., also into Greek, thus breaking the rule that names and titles, and indeed all proper nouns in any language, are never translatable into other languages! (The concluding part to this article is in Part 2 of 2; soon to be published).

Source: Chris Bapuohyele

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